ON OCTOBER 17, 1997 AT 1:37 PM


“I am Saint Anastasia.

Children are not benefiting on important Messages instructing them to follow moral values regarding how they think, how they act, what they do, and definitely their conversations with others.

Children are being permitted to listen to many subjects that are detrimental to their understanding of what is morally sound, because the conversation is many times based on the individual or individuals who are speaking opinions that are more in keeping with their age limit, their behavior, their manner of living.

Oftentimes the young, and the very young, are subjected to information or ideas, practices that are beyond what a younger person can associate with, so it opens avenues, doors, to misinterpretation or wrong direction to the younger mind.

There is so little conscious effort to protect the young from subject matter that can violate the innocence and destroy the conscience, because youth oftentimes automatically imitates whatever he or she hears, or is approached by with someone they trust, someone they know, someone they feel comfortable with, someone they look up to.

What I am speaking at this time is of Great Importance, because We are watching, hearing so many children being exposed to immoralities that cannot be erased from their minds when a conversation ends.

My Words hopefully will be read by thousands and thousands and thousands of individuals who never think of the importance of everything they do, that registers into the minds of the young.  So be it.”

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