ON NOVEMBER 18, 1997 AT 12:34 PM


“I am Saint Michael; My Title, ‘Archangel’.

It is important that children fully understand the Existence of God, and the necessity for them to know, to obey His Commandments.  Throughout the world, the elderly omit this instruction, and also omit being example of The Important Rules.

Mankind must remember, imitation of what others do has an effect many times on the Soul of everyone concerned, involved, participating in conversation, in ideas, in goals.  Mankind oftentimes sees only the moment and what is occurring.  Rarely does an individual rationalize the purity or impurity, the justice or injustice, of what is occurring.

The enemy of God and man uses many traps, or as some would say, ‘entrapments’, making situations look inviting, and yet these invitations affect the purity of one or more Souls.

Mankind has become arrogant; also, has little concern for his or her temperaments, actions, conversations, totally ignoring the content, and basing what they are saying, or doing, or showing, on strictly their own emotions, their own need for attention.

The Father has given to the world so much Direction in simple terms.  There can be no excuses from any race, color, creed, or degrees of intelligence, regarding the Importance of human life because of the Soul that is a Portion of The Creator in every human life born, no matter what part of the world, no matter what the background, no matter what the conditions, no matter what the degrees of intellect that are involved.

Too few men, women and children automatically, during the day, think of Who Created them, and the responsibilities they have as a human being.

This Miracle The Father has given, has in so many ways, allowed so Many from Heaven to not just discuss the Importance of human life, but to instruct on the Importance of it, because human life is the only living matter that has a Portion within it at the moment of conception, that gives human life a closeness to The Creator immediately, and this closeness remains throughout the life of the individual, no matter what race, what color, what creed the individual is.  So be it.”

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