ON JANUARY 7, 1998 AT 1:31 PM


“I am Saint Andrew.

It is difficult for mankind to understand at this time there is such a Great Miracle of Instruction for the Souls of all living human beings, of all cultures, all natures, all backgrounds, all degrees of intelligence, all personalities.

The Father Decreed ‘the time’ to be when a Miracle of This Magnitude was to be given openly, spontaneously, clearly, in much detail, instructing mankind of all degrees of intelligence, all degrees of backgrounds, all ages, that the True Existence of One God must be understood as Truth, not fiction, and that This One God is indefinable because of the Greatness in the Power, the Justice that He possesses.

It is difficult to hear individuals misinterpret Who created all things, and why all things that are created are so obvious, and of such a great assistance to the lives of human life.

Children are not being instructed that respect for a Supreme Being should be a daily thought in their conscience, in their behavior, in their morals, or even in small conversations with this unseen Greatness that is The Controller of All of Creation.  It is natural, it is normal for mankind to be interested in other planets and many portions of nature that are obvious, that are useful, and that give credence to the fact that there had to be a Creator of all these things, a Creator beyond human capabilities.

I would like to discuss one important issue that many times eludes man’s thinking, and that is that mankind, in the Gift of speech, learns to communicate verbally, mentally, and in some ways physically with other human beings.  Logic should tell every living human being that there has to be a Supreme Being for all this to be.

Children are not being instructed on the importance of prayer.  It is being ignored in so many areas wherein so-called ‘Christian Organizations’ or other forms, sources of belief in a Higher Being, is being cast aside, and only communication with other human beings is the focal point for daily communication.

The Value of This Miracle The Father has given to the world, bearing the Name of His Holy Spirit, because through The Spirit of Love, many things are given:  Encouragement, Instruction, Help, and in many ways, Hope.

The world has been Blessed with the Name of a Particular One that mankind can relate to, because of the human side that they automatically can associate family life with, responsibilities with, but This Miracle of Divine Love that is now present throughout the world, through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, was so named so mankind could feel a closeness, but in This Name mankind must understand that as they speak to Him, they speak to God Himself.

Just as mankind has a Soul, and the Soul is the recipient of all an individual does, partakes in, is responsible for, mankind was made to the Image and Likeness of God, for through His Spirit, He designed mankind to be designed in a format that mankind could relate to.

I could speak many hours on this subject, and more will be said at a later time.  So be it.”

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