ON JANUARY 9, 1998 AT 1:26 PM


“I am Saint Callistus.  I do not oftentimes announce My Name, but I do speak quite frequently through This Gift of The Father’s Special Love for mankind.

All of The Saints Here in the Heavens are ready to speak in a form, a manner, a way, understandable to human beings.  Human life is a Special Creation of Divine Love because human life has a Portion of The Creator within it that cannot be seen.

Mankind’s pleasure over a gift is oftentimes openly expressed, but what mankind does not understand is that every human life has the Greatest Gift that any gift of great value could be compared to, and that is a Portion of The Father, not understandable in Its full Essence of Importance, but a Gift beyond what mankind realizes.  Because of this Gift, the Soul, mankind is Blessed with Gifts of reasoning, Gifts of knowledge, Gifts of the abilities to understand right over wrong, good over evil, love over hate.

Children are not being instructed on this Gift they have within them.  It is sad to say that this important Fact is neglected, because the knowledge of It, the Reason for It, the Beauty It is would, without a doubt, make every human being born alert to the importance of moral soundness and immoral degradation to the Soul.

There is only one creation that has been Blessed with this Gift, and it is sad to say that there are so few who can teach others regarding this Gift, the Importance of It, and of course, the Goal that The Father designed for It, and that Goal is:  At the moment of the end of the human way, this Gift is returned to The Father, representing the individual in whom He gave It at the moment of his or her conception.

Mankind must understand this Gift and stop ignoring It, because this Gift tells an individual that he or she is not alone at any time, because this Gift is a constant Companion until the time that human life ends.  Such a Blessing of this Magnitude should be recognized, respected, and there should be thanks for such a closeness to The Creator of All Things, because human life is not just a Special Design, but has a Goal that nothing else created has, or ever had.

There are many Lessons passed through This Gift of The Father’s Love, This Time in History that mankind must understand as similar to the Time The Son of God walked the earth, instructing all kinds of individuals, all degrees of intelligence, on the Importance of human life, and the Greatness for which it was created to one day be returned to God through the Soul He gave at the moment of conception.  So be it.”

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