ON JANUARY 12, 1998 AT 1:43 PM


“I am Saint Robert Bellarmine.  Many of Us ask The Father why there are not more attending the times that so much is spoken for the benefit of their Soul.  Why do so many reject listening to the Beauty, the Magnitude of What The Father Wills mankind to learn, to understand, to practice, for the benefit of his or her Soul?

Why are not children being instructed in the Purpose for which human life was designed, created, and given an intellect to use for moral obligations, and remembering the Purpose for which human life was to obey the Soundness in The Commandments of God; also, to remember that each Commandment had an in-depth meaning applicable to every habit, every ability, every thought, every action, every degree of intellect, of all individuals born in the human way?

There are no secrets in Heaven.  This Miracle of Divine Love is openly proving this point to all of mankind.  The Father is speaking and allowing so Many Here to speak, so that mankind is not without Direction regarding the Purpose for which human life was created.

In so many ways, in so many areas wherein human life exists, We see and hear individuals act impurely, undignified, regarding subjects that are important to the benefits of the Soul.  We hear some individuals arrogantly refuse to believe that mankind is born with a Special Gift, because to not believe, it allows them the freedom to act impurely, unjustly, and use excuses for all the abominations that they cause to others.

We hear so much about higher education, and We see so much injustice, pride, egotism, ignoring the most important subject that mankind could use as a daily means of more happiness, more peace.

The world has many times reached a point of moral degradation.  This Statement does not mean that everyone who exists at this time agrees with the foul thinking, actions, practices, but it does mean that the prevalence of it throughout the world attacks the beauty of purity that the Soul deserves.

We hear men, women and children instinctively wanting to know more about This Gift The Father has given to the world that is so Instructive, so Personal, but We also see the enemy of God and man using every means available to restrict, to dismiss, to cast aside What This Gift of Divine Love has been given for, and that is, to give to mankind a Means, a Purpose, a Way, to see morality in the greatness It is, the strength that It gives to human life, and the Purpose for which It has been implanted at the moment of conception.

The name of It is easy to remember.  The word ‘Soul’ says that the individual has an Important Part that is unseen and yet evident, because of the ability of mankind to know right from wrong, good from evil, and to understand that these things affect the Soul instantly.  There are so many ways to describe what an Important Factor the Soul is to mankind, and also to encourage every living individual to see what a Great Gift of Divine Love human life is.  It is the Greatest Gift mankind could receive, and that is to be of human way, bearing the responsibility, the Love of a Soul, that nothing else in existence has.

We hear arguments over whether or not Saints really exist.  I promise you Saints exist, and if you look at What We have spoken in a positive, loving way, you will say:

‘God, thank You for the Gift of the Soul, because through this Gift, I will be returned to You at a given time and a given day.’  So be it.”

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