ON JANUARY 13, 1998 AT 1:16 PM


“There are Three of Us present.  Our Names you are familiar with:  Saint Alphonsus Liguori, Saint Dominic, and Saint Teresa of Avila.  We are All known throughout the world, and Each of Us is known for a different way of life, and how We lived in Our lifetime at a given time.

We hear men, women and children discuss historical events, and thrive on the practices of these events.  Some of them were dangerous because they involved struggles of wars.  Others were dangerous because they permitted much immorality, impurities of the body, the mind; and then there were others that were historically known in the brilliance of how they explained things, how they were able to exercise their talents that covered many subjects, some historical, some Spiritual, and of course, this list is endless.

Today you live in a time wherein The Father has handed a Gift of Divine Grace, Divine Love, Divine Hope, Divine Description, Divine Instruction.  It is Important, ‘this time’, because it is a time wherein mankind is being instructed in a Personal Format, Formula, on the Importance of human life, What it contains, what is expected of it, and the Supreme Goal for which all human life was created from the beginning of this Creation of life.

We see many books written on numerous subjects.  The authors were able to depict their interpretation of subject matter, that in some ways was beneficial, some ways demonic.  Mankind thrives on learning new things, thrives on new subjects, new adventures, and the idea of progress.

The Father has given to mankind a Miracle of Divine Love.  Hundreds of Us Here in the Heavens have spoken openly, not always giving Our Name at a given time, but the subject matter was obvious to those listening, that it was not of human direction or human abilities.

Today as We gather Here with you, those who are writing What We say, We are also handing you responsibilities that to many would be unnatural, but you must understand it is not a natural source of communication you are listening to.  It is Supernatural.  All that has been delivered thus far must travel throughout the world.  We are ever aware of the rejections of What We have delivered through a small voice, but this cannot stop the spreading of All the Instructions that have been so deliberately dictated, because Everything hands to mankind the knowledge of the Importance of human life, and that human life is above all other created living matter.

So today, as We join Each Other in dictating What The Father wants mankind to know, We say in unison: ‘Be strong, be firm, and never allow any threat or rejection deny you your right to see that All We have given is passed throughout the world in languages that others understand; and, if possible, if there are any pictures available to you of how We appeared in the human form, in many ways it will give certain individuals more ability to understand that though We are no longer living as man, We are present in Another Form, because of the Soul that We were given at the moment of Our conception, and this Soul remains Forever, because It is a Portion of The Creator, and the Place in which It speaks to you from has a Name you know.  It is called “Heaven”.’  So be it.”

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