ON FEBRUARY 2, 1998 AT 12:43 PM


“I am Saint Patrick.

The world of mankind is going through a whirlwind of imagination, theory, understanding, on so many issues regarding the reality of The Creator of All Things.  We hear and We see individuals theorizing mathematically, also with great imagination on how such a Creator exists without some sign of This Existence.

There are thousands of Signs of Supreme Existence.  First of all, the creation of the universe, the evolving stages of human abilities, understanding, but before this even, the very Creation of mankind bespeaks a Creator beyond human perception, conception.

Mankind has within his or her being a mental description of what he or she is capable of doing, and this covers thousands of subjects, but individuals, in their daily way of life, become accustomed to a set behavior connected to their understanding of what they are surrounded by, what they are capable of thinking, doing, practicing, accomplishing.

There are so many human expressions that oftentimes reject the Fact that a Supreme Being Exists, and that This Being has Powers beyond what mankind could ever fathom power to be.  The universe, though men are trying to be able to speak audibly, consciously, intelligently about their discoveries regarding it, they oftentimes eliminate that it had to have a Superior Power of Design, of Creation, and they place so much emphasis on facts that the human mind can conceive.

The Father has given to the world a Miracle of Tremendous Strength, never avoiding all concepts in which, for which human life was created to be involved with.  The human mentality has many degrees of avenues that have not yet been touched, even though progress is evident in many areas.

There is a sadness in the Heavens when there is a rejection or ignoring of Who The Creator had to be, and that mankind is but a creation of a Supreme Power, never really seen, never really heard, no one ever able to comprehend such a Power.  The Father has given to mankind a Gift of His Divine Love, and it is sad to hear and see so much rejection, so much jealousy, even hate, regarding This Gift, because This Gift is a Gift of Enlightenment, helping the human mind of millions of individuals to understand in a greater degree that there does Exist a Supreme Power, Supreme Means, Supreme Way, and It should not be ignored.

When two human beings speak to each other, oftentimes one is the aggressor.  Oftentimes the subject matter is based on an issue, a fact, or something that affects the human element in more than the two who are speaking to each other.  Communication has a definite importance between human beings.  Even animals have a form of communication between their own form of life.

Today as I speak, it is to encourage mankind to value the communication man has to The Creator.  It can be verbal, it can be in actions, or it can be silently.  There are other ways, of course, but mankind, in many areas of life, ignores communication that he or she cannot feel physically, see physically, or hear as he or she hears communication with other human beings.

The Gift of human life is a Gift beyond all other living things, and it is time that mankind awaken mentally, physically, morally, consciously, to the reality that they have the ability to mentally communicate with The Creator of not just human life, but Who gave to them a world to live on, and use this world beneficially, practically, logically, simply.

The Father has given to the world a Gift beyond any Gift He has ever given, except of course, when He gave to the world a Woman, a Man, a Child, for mankind to have as Guides to follow, to learn from, and to see, as the Earthly Creation of These Three were the Greatest Gift of Divine Love that The Creator could allow mankind to be able to comprehend in a greater degree, the Importance of what human life was created for, created by, and created to follow.  So be it.”

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