ON FEBRUARY 13, 1998 AT 12:53 PM


“I am Saint Elizabeth.

There are millions of men, women and children who at this moment are begging for help mentally, morally, physically, even spiritually.

It is sad to see so much, not just rejection, but a noncaring attitude of thousands, or even millions of individuals, when it comes to sound Spiritual direction that is necessary for human life to be able to respond in the correct manner, correct degree, correct direction, because spirituality has strength in it, hope in it, guidance in it, Divine Love in it.

Granted, We hear a statement many times about individuals being so fanatical in how they think regarding their own understanding of The Divine, that they, in some way, become overzealous, and those who are with them, or listening to them, in some way are ‘turned off’ because of what they feel is strictly emotionalism, not Spiritual integrity.

Today as I speak, it is important for mankind of all degrees of Faith in The Divine, fully understand that there is a close Association each human being has with The Divine.  It is personal, and It responds to what an individual practices physically, mentally, morally, spiritually.

Children are not being instructed in the proper way, helping them to understand that human life is a Gift of Divine Love, has Reason, has Purpose, and has a Goal, for every individual to achieve the Goal for which it was created, and that is to return to The Creator of All Things.

We hear so much misinterpretation of what human life is all about.  We hear mankind practice many things that he or she are fully aware of as being impure, unjust, and against all that The Commandments of God were given to mankind, to help mankind understand the Importance of the Soul that is within each conception of human life.

The world, in its motion, has a purpose, and without its gifts to mankind that are numerous in number, mankind could not exist.  Everything has a reason, a purpose, an advantage, and is an aid to individuals for human life to exist, for the mentality of human life to be able to absorb higher degrees of understanding, beneficial to all facets of human life.

Mankind many times is more interested in the physical aspects of scientific knowledge, many thus ignoring that the important design of human life was created, giving mankind all the abilities he or she has, but that human life has a Goal Greater than anything man can create.

My Words today have much Instruction in Them.  My Love for mankind, as I speak, is greater than mankind understands love to be.  It is important that children be instructed on the Importance of human life, and that it has a Goal for all who are born to human life, and this Goal is not materialistic, nor is it humanistic.  It is designed for the Soul, for It to be returned to The Father in a Pure State as It was once placed at the moment of conception.

As some read This Statement, they will automatically respond negatively and say, ‘It is impossible to return my Soul in a State of Purity, for I have experienced so much in the human way.’ It is not impossible, and mankind must understand that the negativism in this thought does not make it so, because the Soul, as a Portion of The Father, is never alone in the world without a close Connection to Him in every act, thought, deed, that the individual performs, who is the custodian of this Soul.

For some to hear This Statement regarding the Soul, they will find It out of their understanding, but proof of the Soul is evident every moment of every day, in every human being, because human life was created to know right over wrong, good over evil, love over hate.  So be it.”

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