ON FEBRUARY 25, 1998 AT 1:04 PM


“I am Saint Joachim.

When a man, woman or child receives a gift from another individual, it is a communication of respect, love, or sometimes concern over an issue.

The world has for some time been receiving Gifts of Communication beyond any parallel of human communication.  The Communication passing through This Gift of Divine Love is Superior and Supreme in every facet of Its Wording, Its Instructions, and Its Closeness to mankind.

It is difficult to understand such great resistance mentally, physically, to This Gift that is so obviously of Divine Origin, not human nature, human ability.  We hear many discussions, rejecting the certainty of This Gift of Divine Love.  We hear negativism, that in its very practice, obviously can be based on human jealousy, human fear, or a lack of Spiritual understanding of the closeness human life has to The Creator, to God Himself.  We hear so many argue points against the chance of such a Miracle as This.

All the negativism must not stand in the way of All that has been delivered, because it is The Father’s Will that All the Words be passed through millions of minds of human beings.  He does not expect every subject, every Direction to be remembered Word for Word, but He does expect and intend for mankind to see the Value of What is delivered, and that every living human being has a Contact with Him, within their being.  They cannot see It, they cannot feel It, but logic commands them, demands them, to use the sensitivity of what is right, what is wrong, to feel in their intellects, in their ability to fear wrong, want right, that a Supreme Being is in Control and close to them.

The free will of human life is a Gift of Divine Love, the intellect of human life, a Gift of Divine Love.  The mentality was given to give individuals the freedom of their wills to be able to do many things, to learn many things, and to use the talents, the senses, the mentality, to be higher than any other living thing created.  The Object of what mankind is the custodian of is Superior to all other living matter or things.

This Miracle of Divine Love that is handing to mankind, through a human being, so much Instruction, Direction, Attention, Interest, Help, Love, must be seen coming from an Ultimate Source of Being.  All that has been delivered must be scattered throughout the world, no matter what rejections, no matter what obstinate opinions arise, because This Gift of Divine Love is for that Inner Being in human life that is a Portion of The Creator of All Things, and that must be properly displayed, described, and deliberately handed, whether It is rejected or not, because it is an obligation given to a handful of individuals to see that The Father’s Will is obeyed abundantly.  So be it.”

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