ON MARCH 11, 1998 AT 12:54 PM


“I am Saint Josaphat.

Though it is difficult for many human beings to fathom a Miracle of This Magnitude, This Grandeur, This Value, does not make It untrue.

We hear many discuss What is occurring, and they feel justified in encouraging others to ignore What The Father has Decreed for so Many Here to speak openly, instructively, giving Strength to the moral ethics, codes, practices of human beings.

At this moment I am aware of a discussion taking place.  The discussion is clearly stated on both sides, and yet one of the individuals is grossly wrong, because they are encouraging a topic of discussion to be spread throughout the world that is spiritually unsound, unreasonable, openly denying that human life is created with a Portion of The Father, called ‘the Soul’.

Many times a battlefield is chosen between two countries, and the battlefield is expected to decide who the conqueror is.  Justice is not always the winner.  Today you stand on ‘a battlefield’, and this battlefield is one on which and in which there is much diabolical intercession, interpretation, application, and total evil manipulation.  On the other side is Justice, according to The Father’s Commandments.  There is truth, balance, courage, also obedience, because of the Soul that is given to human life, but is representative of a Higher Being, and a Higher Goal for human life to reach.

I know I speak in a manner different than Many you have heard before, but the time has come for mankind of all races, all colors, all creeds, to not just rationalize in a human way, but to balance what is just against what is unjust, what is pure against what is impure, what is Godlike against what is evil.

Today as I speak, I speak with a sincere effort, hoping that mankind will be awakened by This Miracle of Divine Love that faces obstacles every day, because of so many enemies that are being used by the enemy of God and man.

As I close My time with you, I warn you: ‘Many will deny This Gift of The Father’s Love, some out of jealousy, some out of a lack of understanding that to create All that there is, there has to be a Supreme Being, and The Supreme Being is The One that all living human beings must see as The One they should turn to under all circumstances, because human life was created for a Special Reason, and that was The Father’s Love and Will to share with a creation, Greater Things, a Greater Place, a Greater Goal.’  So be it.”

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