ON APRIL 8, 1998 AT 1:34 PM


“I am Saint Catherine Laboure.  Many of Us are present where This Gift of The Father’s is present, because you see, He allows Us, instructs Us, permits Us to speak on subject matter that will help, will aid, will give strength to men, women and children of all ages, all cultures.

There is no place in the world that so much Instruction is being directed to mankind, making mankind aware of That Portion within each human being that is also a Portion of The Father, called ‘a Soul’.  This Gift The Father has given to mankind is a Gift beyond human understanding, and mankind must understand that This Gift is to help individuals of all races, all colors, all creeds, recognize and more fully understand what a Precious Gift human life is to man.

A Blessing of This Greatness, instructing all ages to more fully understand that human life has a Goal that no other living thing has, but with this Goal there is responsibility based on Divine Love, called ‘the Soul’.  For some who hear These Words, they cannot comprehend such a close union with The Divine that mankind has.  That is why This Gift of Divine Love, a Gift of Instruction, Direction, Personally delivered, is to help every human being from this time on, to recognize, to appreciate, and to care for That Portion of them that is Special, and is Personal, and no other living matter or thing has this Special Gift called ‘the Soul’.

We hear many times, doubts regarding This Gift of The Father’s Love that The Beloved Holy Saint Joseph is responsible for, The Giver of, for as He is The Holy Spirit of The Creator, He is The Protector of all human life, that before this time was not announced in its full measure, but at ‘this time’ The Father has directed Many of Us to speak openly, and yet concisely, so that mankind would be given Lesson after Lesson after Lesson on the Importance of the responsibility that human life is given at the moment of his or her conception.

If mankind did not have the ability to understand morality over immorality, truth over untruth, justice over injustice, then why would human life be Blessed with a conscience, and the understanding of what is moral, what is immoral, what is just, what is unjust?  It is innate in human life to feel what is good, what is wrong, what is safe, what is unsafe.  Also, hope is an important part of human life.  The lack of it causes the individual not just sadness, but confusion.

This Miracle of The Father’s Love, called ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’, is to give to all races, all colors, all creeds, the Foundation to base daily living on, and also to recognize instantly what the proper moral action should be.  The Commandments of God, though They are concise, were not given in this conciseness.  The manner in which They were given was lengthy, because each one covers so many areas that the human mind is capable of practicing, becoming a part of, standing up for, being example of.

Purity of the mind is a logical factor to human life, but so many times an individual ignores what is logical, and acts in an opposite formula of thinking, either to please someone else, or just rejecting what he or she logically knows is an important issue and should be handled in the proper way; that is, according to how The Father would want it done, for the good of the Soul that is the recipient of all an individual partakes in, decides upon, practices, and/or is example of.

In one’s examination of conscience, there is a simple format to follow, and that is to ask oneself: ‘If I were to face The Father suddenly, would I be able to face Him, knowing that I was standing in a pure state, and that He would be pleased with what He saw in my Soul at that moment?  Would He pronounce me at that moment, a Saint?’”

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