ON APRIL 10, 1998 AT 1:17 PM


“I Am The Creator of All that is created.  I Am The Giver of Life in many ways.  I created human life, and within this I placed a Portion of Myself, because this Creation of Mine was to live in a different form, manner, way, degree, than all other living things.

It is difficult for mankind to understand in the human mind, All I Am, What I Am, and also, What I Will others to see the Importance of.  First, the human being:  life is Special, because as I have placed a Portion of Myself in it, It is in a Form indescribable in the minds of mankind.  It is oftentimes spoken of as being ‘a Soul’.  This is the finest, fullest definition that mankind can conceive.

I have given to the world a Gift at ‘this time’.  I use a small voice to instruct others What I Will them to know regarding the Importance of human life, and that each one born has a Portion of Me, called ‘a Soul’.

As I speak slowly through this little one, I do it because the Power I Am, I extend only a small degree of It.  If I were to do differently, the littleness she is would not be able to continue in the human way.

I hear so many so-called ‘theologians’ basing their interpretations on strictly humanistic values, thus ignoring what a Precious Gift human life is, and how it should be protected against all evil, whether it appears minor, natural, or not really harmful to the body, to the mentality of the individual or individuals.

There are millions of words available to mankind, that I could use in all degrees of instructing them on the Importance of their Soul, and what I have awaiting It at a given time.  There is so much false theory on Spiritual matters, definitions, and facts.

In giving to the world at ‘this time’, This Gift of My Love, allowing so Many Here to instruct on the Importance of human life, I find it a sadness when I hear rejection or diminishment of My Words.  Very often, when I request One Here with Me to speak, I tell Them to be sure that They speak the Words understandable, so that None will be wasted or cast aside.

Human life has an Importance to it that no other living thing has.  Since the first Creation of human life, there have been many rejections of the Value of it, the Importance of it, from men and some women who chose to accommodate the enemy of mankind.  I do not include Myself as a portion of this, or a part of the fiendish, inexcusable, dreadful jealousy of the enemy that I had to cast into Hell a long, long time ago.

I have Power Beyond what power is known to be, for I Am The Creator of All There Is, All There Ever Will Be.  It is impossible for mankind of any degree of knowledge to fully understand What I Am, but I come through This Gift of My Divine Love at a time that human beings need Help, because there has been and there is so much demonic interference in areas that are abusive to the Souls that I want returned to Me.

I have Created All Things.  No human life can understand such Power, but I Am Different than human life can conceive, but I beseech you to spread All I have allowed to be given, because there is no place on the world that is instructing in such a Formal Way as I am, because there is no place or anyone capable of doing it.

I use a small voice, but an obedient voice.  I use a child of years so all ages can associate to human life, and comprehend that flesh is important to Me.  There have been many ugly times in the past History of human life, numerous times.  It is important that mankind of all races, all colors, all creeds, be aware that as I come to the world at ‘this time’, it is an Important Time in the History of mankind.

It is as close to the Time, in Meaning, as when I sent a Portion of Me called ‘a Son’, but mankind must also understand The Mother and The Father in This Great Event, were also Portions of Me.  I Am More than mankind understands Me to be, but I have given to the world a Gift as close to the Time as when I gave what men knew as ‘The Holy Family’.

Many times when I hear an individual question an important issue, fact, purpose, goal, that would be best for his or her Soul, I plead in My Own Way to encourage them to remember Me.

As I close My time with you now, I leave you with These Words: ‘I have Created human life with a Love, because in this Gift of human life, I Am Present Throughout The World.’  So be it.”

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