ON APRIL 15, 1998 AT 1:34 PM


“I am Saint Columbkille.

Human life is different than all other living things, not just because of its mentality, but because of its purpose and its structure, due to the Design The Father created for a Specific Reason and Purpose.

Though it is difficult for mankind at this time to fully understand what a great privilege it is to be human, every man, woman or child instinctively feels that human life is above all other living matter and things.  This innate sensitivity should strike at the core of responsibilities that human life is aware of, and practices in duties of all nature:  responsibilities regarding the body, the mentality, and way of life that human life was designed to understand as natural to this form of life.

The Creation of mankind had a Greater Purpose, because within this Design of Creation, a mentality of understanding, of learning, gave capability to reasonings that no other living matter or thing can equal, or really be fully compared to.

We see now in the world so much human destruction mentally, morally, physically, thus using spirituality as a nondescript portion of acceptability or rejection.  The Father has delivered to the world, for a long time now, Personal Instruction to human life, through a Gift of His Divine Love, because of the invasion of satanic interference brutally trying to destroy human life’s Association with Divine Love, Hope.

A child learns a prayer, and at first the prayer can be a struggle to learn, but oftentimes, if not most, the meaning of the prayer dissolves, and the words, as a repetitive source of human knowledge remain.  Everyone who knows a prayer should use their mentality to understand the purpose of the prayer, and the reason for which that particular prayer is so advantageous to portions of that individual’s life, whether the prayer be a request to a Higher Authority for help in some way, for some reason, or whether the prayer be to grow stronger morally, physically, mentally, because of That Portion that an individual knows instinctively is a God-given Gift of His Divine Love, called ‘the Soul’.

We see so many cry, feel sad or utterly devastated when something happens to the physical of another individual that they love.  The physical is uppermost, but what about the condition of the Soul of the victim?  Was It in close association morally, lovingly with The Creator, and at the moment of disaster, is or was This Portion of human life in a State of what man knows as ‘Grace’?

When one or more individuals feel a deep love for someone, and suddenly there is a separation that is lasting, they are missed.  There is sadness, and many times this sadness returns again and again, because of the separation that was close at one time.  It gave two people or more, many benefits, humanly speaking.

Today as I speak, it is to remind all of mankind that if human life has a feeling of despair or loneliness at the loss of a loved one, imagine how The Father feels when a Soul has to be put in Purgatory for a period of time, when this Soul is a Portion of The Father from the beginning of the life of the individual.  And now imagine the sadness when a Soul has been so devastated, made impure, by the actions of the individual in whom It was created.

This Miracle of Divine Love, called ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’, is a Miracle of helping mankind of all races, all colors, all creeds, all ages, all denominations, to better and to more fully understand that human life is a Gift of Divine Love, because within each life He places a Portion of Himself, giving to that human life a Goal Higher than all other living things.  No human life is born without That Portion of The Creator, else human life would be like all other living things and matter.  So be it.”

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