ON APRIL 21, 1998 AT 1:26 PM


“I am Saint Robert Bellarmine.  It is sad to All of Us Saints Who see mankind of all races, all colors, all creeds, deny a Gift of Great Love, Divine Love, from The Creator of All Things.

Mankind has been Blessed abundantly, personally, and indepthly, due to the fact that The Father has and is allowing His Love to be written, put into script for all time to come, so that What He Declares mankind to know will not be lost in man’s memory, but will continue on through centuries, because of the Importance of All He desires mankind to understand as human life’s Closeness to Him, the Connecting Link, a Portion of Him, called ‘the Soul’.

We use a small voice, but an obedient voice.  We hear some say, ‘I could do that.’ We say, ‘No, you could not.’ Mankind finds envy, jealousy for such a Communication, but this is only foolishness, because mankind ignores the Responsibility of such a Communication as This One is daily, momentarily.

The little one through whom We speak oftentimes sheds tears that do not show on the outside, because mankind would find it weakness; instead, it is a brand of Strength that covers up the sorrow, the hurt, and the anger, when doubt arises against This Gift of The Father’s Who created All Things, and Who is The Judge of all that occurs in all human minds, characters, lives, plus all that has been designed by Him to give human life the means, the place, the atmosphere to exist on, and with.

The world has been Blessed, and We see thousands of human beings ignore This Blessing that no human life could be the dispenser of.  The world must hear of This Gift in spite of all the rejections because of jealousies, and the inability to perceive such a close Association with The Creator of All Things.  Mankind has been Blessed at a time that mankind basically places all things on materialism; also, at a time when mankind permits immorality to be prevalent throughout the world.  Mankind must not just resist immorality, but fight a great fight against what is so destructive to the Soul of all living human beings.

We Saints All know Heaven does exist, Purgatory is not just a temporary place, and Hell is the devil’s love for all those who disgrace the Purpose for human life, and the Soul that is within each human life at the moment of his or her conception, because without the Soul, no man or woman would ever understand the importance of purity of mind, actions, goals.  The enemy would interfere in every way to make the individual diminish in Grace, in love, in hope to become ‘a Saint’.  So be it.”

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