ON JUNE 10, 1998 AT 1:25 PM


“I am Saint Patrick.  As this little one through whom We All speak repeats Our Words that are All to be put into script, the Communication is silent, yet in a form audible to her.  When I say audible, I mean as the Words are instilled into her mental, They are repeated by her in a sound manner for others to hear and to be able to understand the Closeness that Heaven is to man.

It is sad to hear many say that it is difficult for them to believe how this Closeness can be when, humanly speaking, mankind depends upon a sound different than when We speak through her.

Today is an important day, because mankind in some way, some form, some manner, is facing a turning point of Spiritual understanding, based on All that has been delivered through This Gift of The Father’s Love.  All that has been written must be passed, without question, to those who do not have the privilege to hear Us in a direct, audible manner.

The world must be saturated with These Truths, helping mankind of all ages, all degrees of intellect, to more fully understand what a Close Relationship God is to man.  So many things are yet to be spoken, and yet at this point in time so much has been revealed, logical to the human mind, encouraging to human understanding, and a Gift of Truth that, in Essence, cannot be denied.

As I speak today, I speak to alert mankind that this time, this year in man’s time, has an Important Value for all time, because of so much Instruction deliberately given in terminology easy for the human mind to be able to associate with Divine Love, and more fully understand that human life has been singled out to be Important, because of the Soul that each human being is gifted with at the moment of his or her conception.  Nothing else, or no living creation, has This to be thankful for.  Human life is a Design in the Greatest Closeness that man can know to be, because of the Soul that is the Connecting Link between The Creator and human life.  Nothing else has this Gift that is beyond human sight, based on Divine Love.  So be it.”

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