ON OCTOBER 6, 1998 AT 2:00 PM


“I am Saint Patrick.

The Father, in His Divine Love for human life, has given to the world a Blessing beyond what mankind understands It to be.  It is a Blessing of Personal Communication between The Divine and mankind.

It is a sadness when mankind deliberately ignores All that has been delivered through one small voice, but on so many subjects that are delivered to increase mankind’s understanding of what a Precious Gift human life is, because it bears in it a Gift of Divine Love, called ‘the Soul’.

When individuals speak to each other and refer to each other as ‘soul mates’, they automatically admit that this gives them a closeness beyond what friendship would mean if they used the word, we are ‘friends’.

Mankind oftentimes uses terminology that has a greater meaning than they realize it to be, because human life, human knowledge oftentimes becomes so involved in their immediate practices, intentions, that they forget that what they are repeating in their lives has a background to it, causing it to have an indepthness that is not always thought about.

Today as I speak, I speak because The Father requested I speak.  Mankind has been given a Miracle of Communication, of Instruction, a Closeness that mankind is not opened to, in such a deliberate, obvious way.  Usually when mankind thinks of The Divine, it is because the individual automatically is drawn to a statue, a prayer, or some form of attention that depicts a Saint, or the Crucifixion, but I must add more words to this:  that mankind should read and more fully understand the Closeness God is to man.

This Gift of The Father’s Love, This Miracle of Communication, with the Words being put into script so They will not be lost in the memory, is a Gift beyond what mankind truly conceives as the Greatest Gift of Divine Love that mankind can be the recipient of.

As Each of Us speak through one voice, giving strength, hope, and more of an in-depth understanding, communication with The Divine, mankind is Blessed abundantly, and it is sad to say, has not recognized This Gift in Its Full Measure of Divine Love.

Much jealousy from so-called ‘learned’ men and women denies This Gift, because he or she feels that it cannot be, it must be imagination or a desire for attention; consequently, they are omitting the Content of All that is delivered, ignoring All that is delivered, and losing a great deal of sound understanding to the Importance of every human life, because of the Soul that is placed in each conception of human life.

Many of Us Saints speak frequently in conversation through This Gift of The Father’s Love.  By this, I mean daily conversation that in the Communication, in the Words, much Love radiates, much Concern shows, and much Love is felt by those who just hear What is being spoken.

The world has been Blessed.  Mankind has been Blessed.  Even those who do not believe in This Gift of The Father’s Love have been Blessed.  It is a matter of time, plus a matter of their giving in to Truth, ignoring their jealousy.

The world is to mankind a place to prepare for Sainthood, and through This Gift of The Father’s Love, bearing the Name of The Beloved Saint Joseph, Who is in Heaven The Holy Spirit of The Creator, All will come about one day to be seen for the Fact It is, the Truth It is, the Importance It is, and mankind will awaken after a long sleep of doubt, period of jealousy.  So be it.”

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