ON JANUARY 18, 1999 AT 1:06 PM


“I am Saint Charles Borromeo.

Since the Birth of The Son of God, mankind has been gifted with much Instruction regarding the Importance of human life, and the Purpose for which it was created.

When The Beloved Holy Family walked upon the earth, others looked at Them in a very natural way.  It is important for mankind of today to understand This Statement, and not think that from the moment of Their Presence upon the earth, everyone dealt with Them in a dramatic way.

It is important for mankind to more fully understand that at different times since the beginning of human life, The Father would use these times in an instructive, constructive, orderly form, slowly giving to human life Messages that would encourage, instruct individuals to more fully understand that human life was different than other living matter, things.

Today as I speak, granted, it is a long time after the beginning in which human life was created, and mankind has been instructed to more fully understand what a Special Gift human life is to man.  In the beginning, human beings judged each other on specific things, eliminating the Spiritual, and yet inwardly feeling that human life was different and had a purpose; but, until a given time in the History of the Creation of human life, mankind did not know about the Soul that, in Its very Existence, was a Connecting Link to The Creator, to The Divine, and had a Goal that nothing else created had.

Mankind throughout the world has heard about the Soul, and many, even those who were instructed on Spiritual values, conditions, events, sometimes do not fully understand what a Precious Gift human life has to protect, but also in many ways to use, because It is the Connecting Link between the Supreme Power of God and man.

When mankind began to pray, it was not fully understood why, or the real basic value of it, but at this time throughout the world no human being can make an excuse that they are not informed regarding the True Purpose, and the Valuable Asset each one has within him or her, that Connecting Link with The Creator, called ‘a Soul’.

We hear many design their own way of thinking, but they innately know that their imagination has lost sight of the Magnitude of human life’s Gift that nothing else is the custodian of.

To all who will read My Words, I beseech you to pray for more understanding of what The Creator expects of you, and be sure that you request help in knowing what you must do to preserve the closeness you have with The Creator, and also ask for help to protect the Soul when you are in doubt on a decision, when you are lax in how you are acting morally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

As All of Us Saints speak through This Gift, it is ‘one place’ in the world of human life that is giving to all of mankind the Necessary Information, not just an introduction, but Facts easy for human beings to understand that human life is Special, has a Purpose, has a Goal, and is close, in many ways, to The Creator.

We hear individuals say at different times to another individual, ‘God bless you.’ These words are beautiful for Us to hear, but it is said so seldom.  We do hear very often, ‘Have a good day,’ but We rarely hear it whispered when it is not spoken out loud, ‘God bless you.’

As I speak to you today, I want you to remember, My Love for you says, ‘God bless you.’”

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