ON FEBRUARY 18, 1999 AT 1:07 PM


“I am Saint Anastasia.  To speak through This Gift of The Father’s is a Blessing beyond what mankind can understand a Blessing to be.  After having lived in the human way, partaking in many human practices, events, obligations, to speak as a Saint is a privilege beyond what human beings understand a privilege to be.

To be able to instruct others, as is so often allowed through This Gift of Divine Love, All of The Saints, not just appreciate this privilege, but thank The Father for allowing Them to partake in helping others’ Souls reach Here Where All is of a Divine Greatness, Divine Love, that no place in the world can imitate.

So many Words of Direction, of Help, of Hope, have passed through This Gift, and for such a long, long time.  When We see some who read the Words, or hear about the Words having been spoken and put into script, their denial of This Communication that is Totally Divine in Its Orientation, leaves with All of Us a request to The Father: ‘Help them to know, Heavenly One, what a privilege they have in Your allowing so much Direction, so much Help to be given to them while they are still able to understand that human beings such as they are, are Special Creations because of the Soul that is instilled at the moment of his or her conception.’

Many times when We are present amongst the ill and amidst those who are using their intellect, their talents, their desires to help people physically, We oftentimes encourage them to try to remember that the physical is important, but your kindness will help the Souls also.

So few things are truly thought about in regard to what a Beautiful Gift of Divine Love human life is.  It is beyond any other living matter or thing.

When The Father Decreed that at This Time He would give to the world of mankind, through one voice, thousands and thousands and thousands of Words, put into script so that They could be read, reread, and seen for what the Value of Them truly was to the mental, the physical, the Spiritual, and the Goal for which human life was created, All that has been put into script should never be delayed in being passed throughout the world.

Let no rejection stand in your way, because there is no human being born to human flesh that does not have a Soul that is a Portion of The Father, and He expects It to be returned at a given time.  I add:  He wants It back, so this Soul, in Essence, is the remaining Factor, the remaining Gift, that a human life walked with this Soul and now returns to The Father through this Soul, to live Forever.  So be it.”

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