SEPTEMBER 23, 1983

“My itinerary for the day:

I awaken.

I take care of my personal needs.

I prepare myself for the physical and mental action I am accustomed to.

I utilize my habits of procedure to attain my goals of necessity, of desire, of purpose.

I live, not just exist in a world of action, in a world that changes every moment of the day and yet remains the same in most ways.

I relate to the news of the world.

I relate to the happiness or unhappiness of others with whom I speak, I hear about, or who I am associated with.

The big question for my daily itinerary is:  How much time have I spent with God, if any at all?  Have I referred to God with respect, in conversation, in direction to others or through my example?

Do I go to His Place, my church, visit Him and tell Him that I love Him, or do I find this too time-consuming, too much out of my way, not necessary?

If I pray, do I pray selfishly or with little respect?  Do I realize when I pray, Who I am talking to and the Reality of His Being, His Hearing, His Understanding, and the reason for prayer in my life?  Do I remember daily that it was He Who gave me the time to have my itinerary?”

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