SEPTEMBER 23, 1983

“A man’s character is what others see and what others react to.  His character can display gentleness, rudeness, aggressiveness, simplicity; also, many types of emotions, pride, ego, and insensitivity, according to the mood or the character he wanted others to feel, or what his habits of his personal nature and personality automatically express.  Man is made up of so many types of actions, abilities, capabilities, and dispositions.

The Holy Family came to the earth to be Example for mankind to follow, to show mankind the importance of family life, the beauty of purity in procreation, and the value to be good example.

Men are shouting, ‘I am equal to you; I possess the same freedoms that you possess, the same qualities, and of course, the same abilities, rights, and permission to do what I want to do, and to act how I want to act.’

Men forget one thing:  The Holy Family set Example.  Theirs was a life of living in the same manner others did, working for monetary measures, suffering the ills of Their time and expected to die according to the physical way.  They gave Expression of Hope because of Where They came from.  It was eventually deduced They were Special.  The men who interpreted these things were not all saintly men.  Many were men of arrogance, critical, dominating; but in their arriving at what they saw to be a Divine Gift of Love, the power of their words, the strength of their words, the reality of their interpretation gave light, hope, passing down through time This Mystery of Pure Love.

It is said that a child should be created in and with love, a personal love, an intimate love.  The nature of some people does not allow it to be a pure state, but this does not lessen the Example that was given in the Conception by The Holy Ghost to The Royal Family, called ‘The Holy Family’.

It is time for man to realize that permissiveness, promiscuity, immorality must cease and stop being accepted as natural to man, instead of a responsibility morally for man.

When a Soul is instilled into the conception of human life the Soul is Pure, the child is Pure; the sin of the parent is not on the child’s Soul.  Men must reflect on this and understand that purity of mind, body and Soul are the prerequisite to enter the Kingdom of God.  Men must once again look to the Ten Commandments and obey Them.”

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