ON OCTOBER 30, 1983 AT 6:30 AM

OCTOBER 30, 1983 AT 6:30 A.M.

“Closets are used for many things:  clothing items, sports equipment, and numerous items; also items that are meant to be hidden for one reason or another.

Few people want or encourage another person to look in their closet, to go into their closet to retrieve an item or whatever else they might want or need.  A closet is a private place; it encloses many personal habits, items, and many times hides things that are too personal to share with someone else.

Men bound to religious factions or beliefs have been known to hide their reasonings to perform in certain manners, basically unorthodox gestures, rationalizing their behavior, yet hiding the facts behind the doors of an imaginary closet.  Such actions, though hopefully are meant to be secretive, eventually find their way out of the closet.

When something is truly of God it is never hidden in a closet.  The mere goodness of it, the logic in it, the soundness in the benefits to the Souls of all men never permit secrecy, or it to be hidden beyond man’s reach.

All Truths where God is truly connected are in the Winds of His Power and on the Power of His Winds.  What is truly of God and from Him remains for man to see it, understand it, and it bears sound reasoning to follow it, even when men in professed dedication in God’s Name, to His Name, theorize to satisfy their opinions, determining through interpretations what justifies conditions that will aid, support, or adjust a matter regarding Faith in God and what other men must believe or accept.

All through time men have lost sight that God, as a Supreme Being, sees into the closet of men’s minds:  selfish reasoning, prideful gain and false self-esteem.  Even though there have been many mistakes by men, through time, leading other men to believe untruths or declared truths based on personal theory and personal opinion, the fundamental basic truths of life automatically show to all men the Logic, the Soundness, the Mercy, the Love, the Hope and the Justice in God’s Ten Commandments, which, without a doubt, forms the basic structure of religion, of Faith in God, for all races, all colors, all creeds of people.

The Birth of Our Lord, documented, has given to the world a further step of the True Presence of God, and the bond between His Commandments and how He expects man to live according to Them, plus the Purpose of the physical life, for each man to ascend into Heaven with That Portion of Himself, the Soul.

As Christ is yet known to us by the Name He bore upon the earth, we are to live, through our Soul, with the name we bear while living the human life.

Another Perfect Gift of Love, the Sacrifice of Divine Love, Christ’s Gift of leaving for mankind more than a symbol of His Love, but through the Act of Consecrating a species of food, announcing that This Food would nourish our being with Himself, a Portion of Him instilled into this Species would be as our Soul is to us, forever binding our physical purpose of life with our Spiritual Purpose of life, in Faith in His True Existence as man for our benefit, and as God in His Supreme Existence.”

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