ON OCTOBER 30, 1983 AT 2:25 PM

OCTOBER 30, 1983 AT 2:25 P.M.

“Men speak of the old world and men speak of the new world.  Men speak of the historical events.  Men value historical events.  All historical events were not critical to man’s immediate life nor to man’s Purpose for life.

Bible History consists of parables.  These parables are reasoned out by men who feel they have the ability to detect and to see the full meaning described in the parables.  The condensed version of a whole story is in a parable.  Such responsible action, determining the full concept of parables, must bear with it the Truths intended in the condensing of such Important times and issues.

We must also remember that parables came to us through the minds, abilities, and interpretation of languages different than ours, and of course, redone for our benefit in languages that involve many dialects structured by zones, wherein the nature of the zone geographically determined the translation.

History, Political, Historical, Biblical, is first made, secondly recorded, third emphasized in facts, theory and results.  The amazing part of History that is recorded automatically omits details, personal conflicts, rights, problems, potentials, and effects that cause the results.

We are now living in a time of making History, perhaps with more actual recording than any other time in History.

Political, Physical and Bible History are a constant part of life, as both Political and Physical History are never-ending, due to the very existence of man.  So also Biblical History is forever in the making, as long as man has Faith in God, and acts in this Faith, practicing what God intends as an endless Code of life, His Ten Commandments.

From the day each of us is born we are a part of History.”

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