ON OCTOBER 31, 1983 AT 10:30 PM

OCTOBER 31, 1983 AT 10:30 P.M.

“Men count the days, men keep track of the hours, men specify in their lives a determined amount of work they will produce each day.  Men plan for goals, monetary and physical abilities, plus taking advantage of talents they feel will benefit them, using skills for self-satisfaction, self-esteem or even glory.

Time is important to man, for time is what man uses to obtain or gain satisfaction in many areas of life.

Time, in essence, is man’s sole means to expand mentally, physically and spiritually, using his knowledge, his wisdom, his protective human mechanisms, and his Faith in a Supreme Being.

So many times a man allows everything to be first, before the things that will benefit his Soul.  Personal feelings, ideas, opinions, desires, and his senses, strive to accommodate the basic human feelings pertaining to self, rather than to examining the real Importance of life, the Purpose of it:  for it to return to God the Soul.

Many men preach eloquently, but are remiss in the sound teaching that man must constantly be reminded of, the Soul.

Men work at a vocation.  They see, feel and realize this responsibility is important, necessary, and has benefits to support their way of life.  Mostly this dedication to vocation is based on a monetary measure, or a goal to acquire self-esteem in the eyes of other men.

With all the up-to-date emphasis on evangelization, there is little sound teaching regarding the basic Truths of the Purpose of life.  Men are shouting to be reborn.  Reborn to what?  How could there ever have been a question that God did not exist for them at any time of their life?

There is much responsibility when man faces the commitment to dedicate to God a promise of living a more fruitful life, serving God above all others and all things.  This is not and cannot be a moment of emotional outward expression, but it must be realistic and bear the responsibility it announces, it proclaims, it commits to.

Only time will prove the sound commitment to God and to one’s self.  Time is a precious Gift of Divine Love, and should never be abused or confused in a way of treating it lightly, frivolously or without responsibility.

Time should be used wisely, always considering Who the Giver of it is, Who the Creator of it is, and Who will be the Judge of it at a specific time.”

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