ON NOVEMBER 1, 1983 AT 8:45 AM

NOVEMBER 1, 1983 AT 8:45 A.M.

“Television has brought the world close to what is occurring throughout the world.  TV is, in true essence, sound reasoning, a phenomenal asset to man.  Through it we are alerted momentarily to dangers, the threat of danger, and what other people are enduring because of the natural elements and/or the devastation of people to people.  This tremendous Gift of advancement gathers men from throughout the world, joining their intellects, their dreams and their experiences, sharing these to a degree with other men who, without television, would never have the opportunity of such communication.

On the other hand, TV is being used as a demoralizing amphitheater of destruction, corrupting the moral values of people throughout the world.  As there is so much purpose, benefit and good derived from the morally sound communication in TV, why do men permit such immoral destruction to occur right in front of their eyes?  Is it just money?  No.  Of course, this is a major factor in such obvious contamination, but throughout time satan has used men, and women, of course, to exploit the avenues that base themselves on totally abusive conduct regarding the human body, denying the True Existence of the Presence of the Soul within the body.  Some might call this ‘sheer defiance for shocking purpose only’, others might call it ‘entertainment, earthy entertainment’.

As satan demonstrates his constant infiltration into man’s weaknesses, it is up to man to dignify himself by using the power of prayer against such degrading evil infestation, desecration, in encouraging denial of God’s True Existence, of the True Existence of man’s Soul, and the Purpose God intended It for.

How many men can truly say, ‘I am good, I feel in a pure state, prepared to meet God’?  These men have to be few in number, for logic says it cannot be so, unless this man has knelt in solemn commitment and prayer, constantly beseeching guidance from God, and then adhering to the Guidance in full measure of Its delivery.

There is a Place in Heaven for everyone who has ever been and who will be created to the Image and Likeness of God.  If this Place waits and we ignore Its True Existence, we will suffer the consequences.  So no fool, no impurity can enter the Kingdom of Heaven, because all things in Heaven are Pure.  This is what makes Heaven so Desirable, so Important.

We are all aware that purity in our thinking, in relationship to our physical life is more than interesting.  It is desirable, and we automatically want to protect it.  With this small understanding of purity, how can we ignore or reject the opportunity to be and to live in a state of obedience to God’s Ten Commandments, obeying Them, and using Them as a Code of life?  Nowhere in These Commandments does it deny man enjoyment of life or restrict man from using his nature, knowledge, personality, and full existence, to enjoy the good, ever conscious of his own will to ignore evil.

Prayer is the greatest defender of one’s sound, sincere moral values and standards.  Never cast it aside as it not being satisfying to perform, for prayer is more than words, it is our way of life and it is expressed through our example.”

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