ON MAY 25, 2001 AT 12:57 PM


There are Several of Them Here.  One is Saint Peter Canisius, Saint Alphonsus Liguori, Saint Dominic, Saint Mary Magdalene and Saint John of The Cross.

“In This Gift of Divine Love, The Father has so generously shown His Love for human life by allowing so Many Saints Here in the Heavens to speak in ways to aid others who are yet alive, to more fully understand that there is a Goal to the life of man.

This should not be difficult for human beings to understand, because from childhood on, it is innate in human life to reach for something more, something better, something more worthwhile, also to increase the intellect on many subjects and become more aware of what is important to the human life.

As We All stand Here looking at the little one through whom We All speak, she cannot distinguish certain facets of Our Appearance.  At this We smile because, do not forget, We are All Saints, and there is a difference that occurs when the human part of life ends, and the Goal for which it was created is earned.

This Gift of so much Instruction that has been given to a small area of space wherein a number that can be counted to hear the Messages, put Them into script or become aware of What was spoken, is much smaller than We would like it to be, but We find it necessary because of the manner in which so many human beings do not, cannot, and refuse to fathom a Miracle of This Degree.

Human life was created with a Goal for the Soul that is a Portion of The Creator.  Now, needless to say, The Creator needs no goal, but the Soul is a privilege given only to human life, because human life was created and is created to the Image and Likeness of The Creator.  Granted, this is not in the figure form, but there is a Connecting Link that is a privilege for human life that no one can see, no one can feel, or fully understand, but human life knows what is moral, what is immoral, what is just, what is unjust, what is truth, what is untruth.

The innate understanding that human life was gifted with, in so many areas, is more than just a Gift; it is a privilege, and also, in this privilege The Father released His Purpose for His Creation of human life, saying to each human being: ‘I have placed a Portion of What I Am in you.  Return It to Me with your name.’

The world of human beings ignores many important things, but This is One they should not ignore, but should always remember that it is a privilege to be born a human being, because it has the privilege to return to from Where It came.  Human life calls it ‘Sainthood’.  It is a perfect Name, but in reality, It is Greater than that.

Remember the Words I have just proclaimed.  So be it.”

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