ON NOVEMBER 27, 2001 AT 12:35 PM


“You will be surprised how I announce Myself to you today.  I am The Son of The Father.

It is important that all of human life more fully understand that as there are Three in The Holy Trinity, human life is gifted with a Soul, making human life more than just a human being.

This Gift of Divine Love through which, and in which, so Many Saints have participated with Words understandable, Words of Direction, Words of encouraging human life to more fully understand that human life is a Gift of Divine Plan; there are so many Gifts in this Gift:  the Gift of ability to see, to touch, to understand, and to have a mentality that can absorb so much learning, so much understanding in in-depth subjects; also, the ability to be aware that human life’s closeness to The Creator is obvious because of all the innate Blessings that, in many ways, imitate What The Creator is capable of, and in a loving way, sharing with human life Gifts that no other living thing possesses.

The world has been Blessed at This Time in a Way different than other times, but closer to the Way, the Time, The Son walked the earth.

As I close My Words with you, I beseech you to always remember, as a human being you are Blessed with Divine Love, and This Love can lead you to Heaven.  So be it.”

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