ON SEPTEMBER 10, 2002 AT 12:33 PM


There are basically Four Saints standing Here:  Saint Anthony of Padua, Saint Maria Goretti, Saint Aloysius, Saint Margaret Mary.

“The Father, in His Outward Divine Love, His Obvious Love for human life, has given to the world numerous Words, not too lengthy for the average human being to read and to understand, because at this time, This Gift of His Divine Love has been given to enlighten the minds of all age groups, all backgrounds, all intellects, on the Importance of being created a human being.

As We gather today with you, it is to give you the strength to stand up for what you know is Truth, and is Valuable to That Portion of human life, not just the mentality, but the Soul that you were gifted with, that all human life is gifted with at the moment of conception.

Throughout the world there is a laxness in understanding; sometimes it is on purpose, sometimes it is through what mankind calls ‘ignorance to subject matter’; other times, it is just what man would call ‘foolish banter’ regarding something so serious.

In the Blessing the world received through The Beloved Saint Joseph, it was important that so Many Saints Here in the Heavens would join in participation, enlightening those who in the human way thought only that great books would teach them, instruct them, and give them the truth behind the Magnitude of The Creator, and All The Saints Here in the Heavens, and what human life was created with and for.

At the Announcement that one voice would speak, it alarmed many individuals, because without full knowledge of how this can be done, many ignored the Fact that it was accomplished by The Father, and to this day He is delivering through The Saints, and of course, through Himself, Important Messages, not just to brighten the time of the day, but to instruct His Purpose for which He created human life, and gave to it the senses that nothing else created has.

One small voice delivers the Words, but the Magnitude of the Meaning of All that has been delivered and is being delivered, is beyond human ability.  Logic should tell all who read the Words, all who hear the Words, that an Ultimate Source is delivering and has delivered what is important for the Souls and the physicals of millions of human beings.  Think of it this way:  When something important happens, is it not scattered by word of mouth, and many times by the written word, so that others will know what occurred?

Let us now look at a newborn baby, child, boy or girl, you make the choice.  The little one is limited, but there is an obvious alertness to the little one seeing you if you are present, and responding to a certain degree.  Now look, as time goes on, the Importance of human life is evident through knowing morality from immorality, kindness from injustice, and hope over hopelessness.

All that has thus far been passed through This Gift of Divine Love that The Father has not just permitted, but instructed to be put into print, so It could be seen for the Divine Love that is evident in It, instructing all ages on the Importance of human life.  We hear some say, ‘All that is revealed seems to be in a particular length of wording.’ Perhaps that is so because, do not forget, The One Who created you is Greater than wisdom that you know wisdom to be, and only He would know what would be best for you to be able to more fully understand that human life called ‘man’ has a Goal, and this Goal is to return to Him a Portion of it, called ‘the Soul’.

The Soul is Greater than the human mind can perceive It to be, because the Soul bears the name of the one in whom It was placed, and it is This Portion of that human life that has the privilege to go on for All Eternity, bearing the name of the one in whom It was given at a specific time.

I close My Words at this time, and ask you to remember a short prayer:

‘God, bless me every day, and give me the strength to do Your Will for my Soul that is a Portion of You, that You gave to me at another time, in a Loving Way.’”

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