ON OCTOBER 8, 2002 AT 12:43 PM


“There are Several of Us present at this time. The little one We use to speak Our Words so They can be heard and put into script, is available every moment of every day, because of Our Presence being so obvious to her, in her human way.

The Father, in His Divine Love for the Creation of human life, has given at This Time, a Blessing beyond what the human mind can perceive It to be.

When an individual prays, the individual sometimes speaks openly, but many, many times just through the mind, knowing that what is being thought is also being heard by The Divine.  This last Statement is of great importance, because the average man, woman or child does not realize that every thought an individual has, it is also heard by The Divine.

Now, when I use the word ‘Divine’, I mean the individual’s Soul, and any Presence of a Saint at that time.  Human beings do not understand that the Creation of human life was and is far greater than the human mind can perceive it to be.  Every thought, word, deed, action, registers in one’s Soul, or Any Saints Who might be present at that particular time.

These Statements, to some when they read Them, will be difficult to comprehend such a close communication human life has to The Divine.  A bad thought is a sadness; a good thought can be happiness or productivity in some form.  That is why it is so important that human beings of all ages more fully understand that they have a continuous closeness to The Divine, because of the Soul they are the custodian of from the moment of their conception.  Granted, certain words are used for the human mind of individuals to understand certain facts, but I must say, in reality, the facts given in the human wording are not as great in reality as what is really happening at any time.

The Father designed human life to speak, to think, to have feelings, to have interests, and of course, many other things, but the real Connecting Link between the human being and The Divine is indescribable to the human mind in Its full measure of closeness, compatibility, understanding.

All I have spoken is to help those who read These Words to more fully comprehend what a privilege it is to be born as a human being, because there is a Goal for the Soul that is not comprehendible to the human mind, but It exists, and is in many ways That Part of each human life that will be Judged by The Creator at a given time, and all things will be remembered by The Creator regarding what occurred, the circumstances, and how the individual responded morally, purely, for the Soul they are the custodian of, that was implanted at their conception at another time.

As I close My Words, I beseech you to always remember:  You are never alone; you are always accompanied by your Soul, and many times the Soul is accompanied by The Saints.”

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