ON OCTOBER 25, 2002 AT 1:00 PM


“There are Many of Us present, even when We do not announce to the little one, the instrument that The Father uses for so much to be delivered to the whole world of human life.

As I speak to you now, there are thousands and thousands and thousands of children that are being neglected in many ways; first, in the morals of how they live, and in the kindness that they should be instructed in, how to use it in all areas of life.  So little attention is being stressed on what would make human life happier in many areas of it.

Some might ask why I would open My Words with what I have just spoken.  It is important, all the mannerisms of human life, how they use their association with other human beings, and of course, their intentions in all their communications with those close to them, and with those who are just friends.

Throughout the world, each generation, each background has different modes of life, different ideas on how they will things to be handled, or to be accomplished.

Through This Gift of Divine Love there has been so much Instruction, in general terms, on the importance of mankind’s Association with The Creator, and ability to perceive what is important to be followed, not just according to The Commandments, but to the personal moral issues that human beings are faced with every day.  Even the children are faced with moral issues; oftentimes immorality seems to be the acceptable association.

To put into print the amount of Words that have been spoken through This Gift of Divine Love, would be impossible to capture in its correct degree of instruction, and also, in conversation that would be enlightening to the minds of more than one, regarding the importance of how they live, and of course, the Importance of the Soul they have, and the Souls that can become the victim of the wrong kind of speech, due to the fact that association with others very often can be immoral, indecent, impure, and be harmful to the Souls of those involved.

Let Me give you an example.  You have something materialistic that you treasure.  It is worth very much to you, either because of who gave it to you, or what it would cost monetarily to replace.  Do you not protect these things quickly, and oftentimes without caring what the other individual or individuals think?

The Greatest Gift human life has is the Soul, That Portion within human life that is a Portion of The Creator of All Things.  There is nothing that should be protected as much as, as often as, your Soul.

As I speak differently today, it is hopefully to awaken the minds to the difference between materialistic values and Divine Love.  Also, it is important that all ages of human life remember that they have the privilege, the opportunity to communicate with The Divine every moment of every day.  There are no special times that The Father is not waiting for someone to speak, someone to pray.”

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