ON NOVEMBER 6, 2002 AT 12:42 PM


“I am Saint Martin de Porres.

All races of human life have been gifted with the abilities to speak, to hear, to understand, and be able to learn first about what they were created for as man.

The world has been Blessed in many ways by this Creation of human life, because when the world was first created there was nothing on it except darkness and light.

You live in a time wherein there is much confusion in the way of mankind.  So much emphasis is put on humanism, capitalism, and the ability to associate with others of a different nature, mentality, and yes, verbal abilities.

As We stand Here in the Heavens and speak through one small voice, it is a privilege to the whole world of human life that The Father allows This Gift to human life, because He also allows It to be put into script, because of the memory it would take to be able to fully understand All He wishes mankind of all ages to be able to fathom as reality to their way of life, direction and hope.  This list is endless.

I could add many more Words, but first I must say what I have to say, because of the Importance of the Soul that each human life is gifted with at the very moment of conception as a human being.  There is nothing else created that is gifted with all the abilities that a human being has the ability to learn more about, and to use for the betterment of many subjects, and of course, for the Goal of their Soul at another time.

So Many of Us Here in the Heavens are sad when We must use one small voice to deliver so many important issues for the benefit of millions of Souls that are to one day return to The Father in the manner, degree, and way of Purity, and then be called another name.  The name, of course, is The Father’s Will for them, and ‘Sainthood’ is the Goal He Wills for them.

You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  These Words have been spoken before, but the average mentality of human life cannot relate to the horror, the degradation that Sodom and Gomorrah was for the Souls of all who took part in the impurities, the injustices, the indecencies, and the wrongs that were abusive to the Souls of those who practiced wrong, those who were example of the wrong, and those who innocently imitated.

So much has been delivered on so many subjects through This Gift of Divine Love.  There is never a moment in the day or night that One of Us does not speak, because of the Importance of the Souls that are at stake because of so much diabolical influence in many areas, day and night.

I could speak hours on this subject, but those who take the Words would be unable to hear Me for the length of time I would be able to continue All that I have begun at this time.  The Father Wills This Gift of so much being instructed to pass throughout the world, because it is important to awaken the minds of all degrees of intellect to the Importance of being created a human being.  There is no Higher Gift in the Creation of life than the human way is, and was meant to be.

As I close My Words, I beseech those who read Them to understand that the Gift of human life is a Blessing beyond what the human mind understands.  The Father’s Love for human life instilled in human life a Portion of Himself.  What Greater Gift could a human life receive that could be Greater than This, because This is the Portion that will live for All Eternity.”

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