ON NOVEMBER 8, 2002 AT 1:06 PM


“I am Saint Anne.  I am Saint Elizabeth.  I am Saint Peregrine.  I am Saint Aloysius.

We All smile when the little one is aware of Our Presence.  She oftentimes joins Us in Our Communication with Each Other.  Even though she cannot hear Every Word, Our Presence speaks in a manner she understands.

The Father has given to the world a Gift of Great Dimension, a Gift to encourage, enlighten, and help human beings of all ages to have a security in human life that nothing else created has.  The security is a Goal for the Soul, and it is important that each human being born understands this.

The Soul, as a Portion of The Creator, is to return to The Father through a human life.  Whether the Soul bears the name of the one in whom It was placed, that will remain to be seen at another time.

There is so much diabolical practice amongst human beings of all ages.  It is not just sinful, but in many ways, it harms the Souls of those who are involved.  Though the Soul cannot be seen, the Soul is felt through your conscience and through your understanding of what is morally sound, pure, over what is opposite of this.

As I close My Words, I beseech those who take Them, to deliver Them throughout the world.  Do not question their ability to understand, because sometimes just holding Sacred Words gives strength, hope, and the ability to endure wrong, vile tempers, ignorance of others, because the Words, in the Strength They possess, and because of from Where They came, help in more ways than the human mind can perceive it to be.

Even though you do not remember All that is spoken, you feel an inward strength that nothing else can help you to have.  Remember this, because These Words, though spoken through one human voice, are The Father’s Will to help every human being feel stronger and more apt to believe in Heaven as a Goal.”

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