ON NOVEMBER 20, 2002 AT 1:15 PM


“I am Saint Andrew.

So Many Saints stand ready to speak, waiting for The Father’s Direction.  It is so important that human life of all ages, backgrounds, and degrees of understanding, realize that The Father, at This Time, is showing His Divine Love for human life by delivering so much Direction through Many Saints, plus Himself.

You would be amazed at how many men, women and children throughout the world do not understand that The Father is Real, and that He Exists, and He is The Creator of All Things.  Children, in many places, are not being instructed because those in charge of them deny His Existence, because they say if there was such a Powerful Being, why are not all things happiness and without problems, without errors.

Today as I speak, I speak with a sadness for these people, because they have not been endowed clearly with the Beauty of Faith in the rationalization that there has to be a Creator, Higher than any human perception, conception could be, because all things created did not just happen.

I could speak hours on this subject, because throughout the world there are men, women and children who need to know, to understand, to believe that there is a Divine Entity of Life, Greater than the mind can perceive.

I will make My Words close, because What I have spoken should be read, thought about, recognized as a great need for the spirituality of human life, to spread indepthly to aid all who do not have the privilege to know What Truly Exists, because of the Soul that they are gifted with at the moment of their conception.

So many individuals of so-called ‘high Spiritual feelings, understanding’, ignore the Gift and the power of prayer.  Prayer has a power in it beyond what an individual can perceive it to be.  Prayer is a direct communication with The Ultimate of All there is.  Remember this, not just when you want something, but remember it many times during the day.  It will give you strength, more understanding, and also an in-depth reality that you are not alone in the world, and that you are gifted with a Goal that animals don’t have, trees don’t have, flowers don’t have.

I beseech you, remember My Words.  It will give you strength when you need it.  It will give you hope, because you will remember to use prayer many times when you would feel the need to have the strength to endure, or to understand reality over fear.”

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