ON JANUARY 10, 2003 AT 12:18 PM


“I am Saint Angela Merici. I smile when I mention My Name, because at one time the little one The Father uses to repeat so many Words that The Saints say, she attended a place that was named after Me. Her remarks to Me were always attentive and interesting.

At this time throughout the world, it is sad for Me to say that The Saints Here in the Heavens are not remembered in the right way; in fact, very rarely is Their Name called upon to help in some way. I do not say, ‘Do not pray to The Holy Father, The Heavenly King, and The Mother of everyone and everything, but do remember that The Saints do enjoy hearing from you, and do want to help you if it is feasible for a betterment in your manner of life, or what you request to be.’

I will close My Words. I know My time is short with you, but when The Father requested I speak today, I said, ‘Thank You, My Holy King, it is a privilege for Me to partake in This Gift of Your Divine Love for the Souls, but also, the physical aspects of millions of human lives.’”

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