ON JANUARY 29, 2003 AT 12:50 PM


“Innocence prevails through the little one The Father has chosen for such a Major, Important Task. I speak of the innocence not as an immaturity, but due to the fact that her love for The Divine does not question The Divine on any subject, any matter, or in any degree. Due to this fact, that gives All of Us Here in the Heavens the opportunity to speak openly and with much Direction that bears no questioning, because the little one sees only innocence in Our Presence; Beauty, Charity, and Divine Favor.

In a Blessing of This Magnitude, the enemy of all things tries in many ways to cause people to ignore What has been delivered thus far, and What is being delivered presently.

Throughout the world there are millions of men, women and children, all degrees of backgrounds, all degrees of intellect, and many with the ambition to be important in the sight of others. Logically speaking, there of course are many, many, many who have no desire to be important, just to exist as they will themselves to exist, not always choosing what is best for them, but due to their personality, nature, needs, ideas and characters, they oftentimes accept a lesser degree of what would be more of an opportunity of growth for them, growth mentally, morally, physically, psychologically, and internally.

A long time ago, when The Son of The Creator walked the earth, He walked the earth with all degrees of mentalities, encouraging them to see the Beauty of human life, and what a Grand Gift it was to be born a human being.

In this year, present year, so much is taken for granted by most people of all ages, thus ignoring the ability to grow more understanding of the Purpose for human life, and the Importance of the Gift it is to be born a human being, having a Goal Far Greater than any goal the human way is capable of showing, but the Goal is to one day return to The Creator, and be called ‘a Saint’, not always necessary by those who knew the individual in the earthly way, but all things are not known in the human way that exist for them to one day realize in a Full State of Understanding, that human life was a Gift of Divine Love with a Goal, a Purpose for All Eternity.

Today as I speak, there are millions of men, women and children throughout the world who rely only on the actions of the day, never looking at the Reason for which they were born, and the Goal that awaits them that is a State of Glory for all time.

So much has been delivered on the Importance of human life, and All of The Saints Here in the Heavens understand that it is not realistic for a human being to look to The Divine Plan that awaits them, because they only rely upon the fact that they were told a Story that God created them, and it is sad to say that the Story seems to end there, because the human mind oftentimes resists looking at the full degree of important subjects. They accept what they understand, but they do not look for the Reasonable Purpose for the Future of The Father’s Plan.

I could speak hours and hours, but I beseech all who read These Words to look not just for the Goal that It speaks of, but to work for the Goal to one day become ‘a Saint in Heaven’, not necessarily now for others to be able to call upon you, because that could be a rare situation, but as it is innate in human life to find happiness, security, love, hope, there is no one born without it, because there is Love in everyone born a human being. It is first Divine Love, then it is human love from those close to them.

Human love must see the Value of human life, and not cast it off as something they do not understand. Casting it aside does not cause happiness or more of an in-depth understanding of the Importance for which they were created, and there is in every human life, a Gift of Divine Plan.

As I close My Words, I know They are different, but They are to attract individuals to more fully comprehend that in the Gift of human life, it is totally based on God’s Plan.”

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