ON FEBRUARY 24, 2003 AT 1:08 PM


“Human life is oftentimes faced with many enemies. Enemies come in different degrees. Some individuals are enemies out of jealousy, some out of hate, some out of egotism, some out of their inability to cope with what others feel comfortable doing. The different ways that enemies accept, put them in a category of injustice, and many times disobedient to The Father’s Will.

Human life has so many attributes, so many advantages, and so many reasons to accomplish good over evil, love over hate.

The world has been Blessed with a Gift of The Father’s Love, based totally on His Love for this Creation of His, human life.

In many ways, even the animals that were designed and created by Him have a type of life that gives them the ability to participate, and the strength to follow when it is necessary. Animals are in many ways a Gift to human life, because they generate the vastness that The Divine truly has, and the variations in so many things designed by The Divine, give to human life much interest, plus the ability to learn more than they would if just human life was the only living matter or thing in existence.

I speak on a different subject today, but it is an important subject, because in the creations that are different than human life, it gives to human life so much to learn about, and so much more to see in The Father’s Love for living matter or things.

The will of the human life has much responsibility because of the innate knowledge it bears over what is pure over what is impure, what is just over what is unjust, what is truth over what is untruth, what is valuable over what is not valuable.

The human mind is like nothing else created, because it is through the human mind that a human being learns so much about so many things, but also has the foundation and the basics for truth over untruth, thus helping them understand in a greater plane of thinking, that to create all these different things, there had to be a Creator with All the Abilities beyond what the human mind can perceive available for them to learn about, and for them to enjoy, and for them to understand the purpose for all these other creations that are unlike human life in how they do things, and of course, the reason for which they were created.

I know I speak differently, but in man’s terms, what I have just spoken is ‘food for thought’, something to think about, helping an individual human being to more fully understand that to be created a human being has to be Divine Plan, and is obviously gifted with the privilege to one day be a Portion in some Form, some Degree, not understandable at this time, but obviously Important for What The Father Willed it to be.

Thousands of Saints Here in the Heavens love This Gift of The Father’s that, though It is named ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’, He allows so Many of Us Here to speak, and to deliver Words to help individuals of all degrees of intellect understand what a Great Gift human life is to man, and it should be treated with dignity, honor and thanksgiving, because within it, it bears a Portion of The Creator that nothing else has. This Portion of Divine Love is above and beyond human imagination, but It does exist. That is why it is so important for human beings of all ages to value how they were created, and that it has a Goal.

Those who read These Words, ask yourself a question: ‘Do not the goals in life give me hope, interest, and many things that nothing else created has, plus the understanding that in using all I am, I can one day be called “a Saint”?’

As I close My Words, I close Them with much Love for human life, because it is a Gift of Divine Love that nothing else has.”

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