ON MARCH 4, 2003 AT 12:57 PM


“I am Saint Matthew. I am Saint John. We join together today to encourage those who follow This Gift of Divine Love that is instructing all ages of human life on the Importance of, and Purpose for human life to be created in the manner it was and is, and the knowledge that within it, it bears what The Creator wants all of human life to more fully understand, that human life, in the way of man, is a Gift of Divine Love that nothing else has.

The very understanding of what is pure over impure, whether it be in judgment on issues or in personal association with another human being, there are many ways that these words pertain to human beings of all ages. Throughout the world the lack of full understanding regarding the Importance of human life, ignoring totally that within human life there is Something that no other living matter or thing is the custodian of, or responsible for; that of course, is the Soul.

Animals do not know how to pray to The Creator. They respond in many ways to their abilities in life to do certain things, even when some of it appears like human actions, human understanding, human abilities.

In This Gift wherein so much is spoken about regarding the Importance of human life, it is sad to say that human beings of all degrees of intellect, all degrees of temperament, understanding logical sources, reactions, ignore totally the Fact that human life was created, designed in a Special Way, for a Special Goal.

At this time in which you live, in many ways it is no different than the past times of human life, because it is innate in human beings to oftentimes ignore responsibilities that automatically tell them that something is wrong, or something is right in the Eyes of a Higher Source, but in ignoring the situations, they ignore so much that was delivered and is being delivered, regarding the Fact that human life, in its Creation, was intended to bear within it a Portion of The Creator that nothing else created is gifted with, thus giving to human life a Bond between The Creator of All Things and human life.

Through time, many words were drawn up through the intellects of those present being able to express openly, facts such as purity: mentally, morally, socially, physically. The line of words is endless regarding this Statement.

Children are not being instructed on the Importance of what they were created for, and that their creation was through the Power and Love of a Divine Being beyond the human mind’s comprehension, thus giving to human life an Ultimate Source of background Greater than any other thing in existence; something to be thankful for, and something to help the mentality, the actions and the Goal of human beings to reach for what was designed to give them a Future with The Creator of All Things.

‘Purity’ is an important word in human life.

‘Justice’ is an important word in human life.

‘Decency’ is an important word in human life.

‘Love’ is an important word in human life.

I could speak hours on this subject. It is of such great importance to all denominations of human beings, whether they are intelligent or illiterate, and no matter what background they come from. It is time there be an awakening of realization that human life is above and beyond the actions that are forced into it, disregarding its Importance.

This Gift of Divine Love that has been given to the world, with so much from so Many Saints Here in the Heavens, is to enlighten the minds of all ages to be aware of what each human being has the ability to accept or reject, to be example of, in great respect for others besides themselves, because of what human life individually stands for, always remembering that human life was created to one day return that Soul to The Creator that has created All things.

Granted, not understandable to the human mind, but logic is evident in everyday living, that there is a Greater Portion, a Greater Entity that is Higher than human life, and yet human life is granted the privilege of living in a manner and way different than anything else created. It is a privilege to be created a human being, because within it there are so many Portions of The Creator that allow living to give happiness, hope, strength, and a Goal for the Soul that it is Blessed with at the moment of its conception.”

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