ON MARCH 11, 2003 AT 12:58 PM


“I am Saint Josaphat.  I have come today to speak on an important subject.

Throughout the world, human beings of all ages innately feel they have great dedication to All The Saints, but this, in truth, is not the case.  There is far more attention given to humanistic versions of situations, and humanistic values and humanistic pleasures, than there is on prayer and on devotion to The Saints, but also to The Creator of All Things.

There are many excuses, many saying that time is different now in which they live, and they are busy, involved in so many humanistic responsibilities.  Also, there is another point to this.  The understanding of what Sainthood means is far less in understanding than all ages realize.

So much is taken for granted, so many excuses made, and so little attention is given to the Importance of what human life is gifted with, a Soul, a Portion of The Creator of All Things.

To some, this is past-history thinking.  That is why This Gift, wherein so much is being delivered, not in a formal way, but in a loving, giving, earnest and hopeful way.

At the moment I speak, there are thousands and thousands and thousands of individuals, all ages, that never think of the Importance of human life because of the Goal that it is created for.

It is rare for someone to think that every day they live should be honored in some way through a prayer, through the desire to speak to The Heavenly Father, because of the Soul they are the custodian of, and one day they will be responsible for, to The Heavenly King.

When We hear individuals make excuses to not believe because they find humanism more entertaining and more suited to their way of thinking, this sadness is greater than I can describe in words.  The Father does not say, ‘Do not enjoy life.’ That is why He gave this Gift to enjoy things, but so many individuals of all ages ignore Where their life started, why they were created, and they have a Goal to reach.

My next Words are a sadness beyond what I can say.  A human being very often wants to succeed in a manner and way that others will see them in a higher place, whether it be through their personality or their ability in the labor way.

I know I speak harshly today, but it is not really harsh, it is strong in My Love for human life.  Rarely does The Father’s Will come into play.  It is rarely ever thought: ‘Am I pleasing my Creator today?  Do I feel I have fulfilled His Will regarding my Soul that will be returned to Him one day?’ This list is endless and yet simple in content, meaningful in its very essence of value, and of ability for an individual to think, act, or practice.

I could speak hours, using Words that everyone in the world could understand.  There would be no language barrier, but today as I close My time with you, I beseech you:  do not use prayer in a manner or way that is not respectful, because of Who you are talking to.  You are not talking to a stone or some object.  You are talking to The Divine, and it is important that you remember this every time.

We hear so many individuals pray rapidly just to get it over with, feeling secure that they have accomplished a certain degree of prayer.  I beseech you:  when you pray, do it with respect, honor, because Those Who you pray to want you to succeed in the Eyes of The Creator.  They want you to show love and they want you to be respectful, which in many cases is not how the prayers are spoken.

I could speak endlessly on this, but I beseech you:  think about What I have just said, and perhaps you will be example to others who are not present for These Words because, do not forget, example is one of the greatest gifts a human life has been given:  the ability to give to others a manner, a way, a degree that casts out anything ridiculous or unbecoming to what the situation speaks.

As I close My Words, I remind you:  you have been Blessed abundantly, and in This Blessing, it has given you the strength, the courage, the ability to aid others through what you do, how you act, what you say, and how you speak it.”

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