ON APRIL 8, 2003 AT 12:03 PM


There are Two of Them:  One is Saint Alphonsus Liguori, and One is Saint Aloysius.

“Many times, all ages of human life make excuses, but the excuses are only their rejection of particular issues that would cause them to make right decisions in different matters of life.

As I speak today, I speak to alert human beings of all ages to stop making excuses and look to what is truth, right and beneficial for the Soul, and also for one’s own reputation in the midst of other men, women and children who might be present and need the importance of truth, rather than excuses.

I speak differently today, but throughout the world, human beings of all ages try to resist the importance of what is logical, what is beneficial to their mind, their body and their Soul.

Children are not being instructed properly or are they being taught that truth is the foundation of what The Father Wills their Souls to receive, so their Souls can be returned to Him in Purity.

I know I speak differently on this day, but what I have to say, certain individuals will benefit by immensely if they will but see the Value in the Words I speak, because truth, logic and sound values are the foundations for Sainthood in many ways.

There are Several Saints standing Here with Me now, All smiling as I speak to you, because We are in agreement on this, and these subjects, because of the Souls that are involved with human life.

We hear some say: ‘How do I know I have a Soul?  I never see It.’ We All say: ‘Do you know what is truth from untruth, safe from a lack of safety, what is valuable over what is not valuable?’

These Words are All different than you are used to hearing, but the Facts are important for the Souls of millions of human beings to think about.

I beseech you, see that These Words are not held in abeyance, but scattered far and wide, because though They are different than the Words that are usually spoken, there are human lives that These Words are necessary to reach.”

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