ON APRIL 15, 2003 AT 12:30 PM


“We All smile at the little one that waits for Us to speak, when Our Presence surrounds her with so Many of Us at one time.

Throughout the world there are millions of men, women and children who need to read All that has thus far been delivered through This Gift of The Father’s Love for human life, but also for the Souls of human lives, because so much is spoken, not just alerting the mentalities of those present or those who read the Words when They are in print, but the Directions and the Hope in What is delivered to guide human thinking to how The Father Wills their way of life, and how they approach each day, not just filling it with humanistic patronizing or activities, but to take the time and speak to The Divine regarding many things; first of all, requesting the ability to think more purely according to The Father’s Will, and to lead others to a better way of life through their actions, their intentions, and their goals.

There are so Many of Us standing Here. The little one keeps looking around Where We are, asking Us if she has remembered Their Names as she knows Them to be.  We All smile at this, because The Father’s Love for This Gift of His to the whole world of human life is a Gift of Personal Communication for the Souls of millions of human beings to more fully understand how close the human life is to The Divine every day, every moment of every day.

We show her some Faces.  She knows she has seen Them before.  We All smile, because she promises Us she will not reveal the Presence of so Many of Us.  This, of course, is amusing to Us, delightful to Us, because of her protection of Us in her little way, showing her love for The Divine.

In all lives of human life there are many times that We are present in number, but We are not felt or seen, but Our Presence is to give strength when it is needed on situations or conditions or values that give to an individual, or more than one individual, the strength to more fully understand that what they are doing is not just acceptable, but gives happiness because of their desire to please; but also, their intentions are never missed on any subject.

The Souls that human beings are gifted with are far more Important than They are thought to be, because it is difficult for the human mind to fully understand that the Soul is constantly in Communication and close to The Divine every moment of every day.

Children are told they have a Guardian Angel, but oftentimes the subject ends and is never spoken about in a continuous reminder, that within them they have a Gift of The Father’s Love to strengthen them and to give them a series of help when it is needed.

As We speak, We show her things that oftentimes place much Responsibility on her, but Everything that she is requested to deliver openly is to help all who will read the Words, to never forget that they are never far away from The Divine, because The Divine is always close to them.  That is why The Commandments The Father Willed for human beings to learn, and follow the importance of Them in how they live, how they think, how they act, should never be passed over.

I know What I have spoken is somewhat different than other times, but the subject matter is to return to the memory that each individual must never forget, and that is that they have a Portion of The Creator within them every moment of day and night.”

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