ON APRIL 25, 2003 AT 1:12 PM


There are so Many Saints Here:  Three, Four, Five.

“The little one speaks the truth in announcing that there are Several of Us present at this time.

Today as We gather, We are discussing many subjects, most of them on the importance of serving The Father in a manner and way for the good of Souls of those who have lost the Gift of life and are now without it, and the Soul is the One, That Portion of them, that The Father is blessing and also directing in Divine Way.

Very little has ever been spoken openly on this subject, because in the human way of living, one is not aware of That Portion of them, the Soul.  They are told they have One, and they are told It will be the Living Portion of them that will remain to be Judged, according to the practices and the manner in which the one in whom They were placed at the moment of conception, walked the path of life.

I know I speak differently, but it is important for many to read These Words, think about Them, and then understand that when the physical life no longer can be active, alive, there is a Portion of human life that does not die.  It is called ‘the Soul’, because the Soul is a Portion of The Creator of All Things, and is held responsible for all an individual had practiced; that is, the one in whom They were placed at the moment of conception.

I know how I speak is not usual, but it is something important to think about, because the flesh will not be the recipient of the Judgment The Father will give; the Soul will be the recipient.  So as I speak, I sincerely hope that all who will read These Words will begin to more fully understand the responsibility they bear in the human way for that Gift of Divine Love that they receive at the moment of their conception that is the Living Part of all human life, because that is the Part that is returned to The Creator, hopefully bearing the Name ‘Saint’.

It is not necessary for the Soul to be called ‘a Saint’ by those in authority.  There are thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of Souls, even more than that, Who have never been pronounced that They became ‘a Saint’, but They are with The Heavenly Father and They serve Him in many ways.  In the human way, no one would know Who would be helping them.  Many times, it is Someone The Father sends, depends upon the circumstances, or the place, or the individual who needs aid.

I know this is the first time that this subject has been spoken this way, but it is so logical, so realistic, and yes, a Blessing far greater than the human mind can perceive It to be.

I beseech you to remember These Words, because though you have perhaps never heard Them before, remember Them as The Father’s Love to help you to more fully understand that the Soul that is a Portion of Him, is oftentimes returned to Him in a Degree, a Way, a Manner that He is able to say to Them, ‘You are a Saint.’”

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