ON APRIL 29, 2003 AT 8:46 AM


“There are Many of Us present, All anxious to give her the strength to persevere in the obstacles, and yet the need for thousands, if not millions of human beings to one day fully understand the Love of The Holy Trinity that used one small voice, small body, to deliver to them so much encouragement to follow the Will of The Creator, the Love of The Creator, for all of mankind to fully understand that within human life there is a Portion of Him, called ‘the Soul’.

The little one goes through many stages of ‘Preparations’ to be better able to deliver Words understandable to the human way of life, because of the Importance of human life that bears a Portion of The Creator, the Soul.

Though it is difficult for many so-called ‘intelligent’ human beings to perceive the Father’s Way of doing things, nonetheless, The Father knows best in how to reach His Creation of human beings.  Divine Love is Above and Beyond what human life is capable of, but as I close My Words today, I bless those who are close to This Gift of Divine Love, but I also say, ‘You have the privilege and also the obligation to spread The Father’s Love and Will and Way, through the means you have been requested to use.’

Always remember, the sound of a voice is important, but the written Word remains.  In this way, What is put into script cannot be dismissed as quickly as a memory of the human mind of hearing Words can change, thus omitting important Facts.

The Creation of human life is a Gift of Divine Plan.  It will never be erased, because it was given according to The Father’s Love for how He created human life, to have the privilege to walk a role and bear a Portion of Him in doing it, but always with His Will to have That Portion returned and one day be called ‘a Saint’.”

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