ON MAY 14, 2003 AT 1:35 PM


“I am Saint Rose of Lima.

The little one We All use to communicate with thousands of men, women and children of all ages, is by nature quiet, so when she hears or feels Our Entrance, she immediately says, ‘Will I have to talk?’ We All smile at this, because What We speak through her is beyond what a human mind would choose.

All that is delivered is to help Souls, through the ones in whom They are placed to more fully comprehend, understand, and accept more things than the average human being would accept, because the Soul is the recipient, sometimes the victim, and most times the One that is left to account for all the individual thinks, practices, becomes a part of, and also stands firm on their own intentions.

Today is a beautiful day because of the importance of how it began.  The Father smiles at this Statement, because what human beings of all ages forget, or do not fully understand, that to put The Father at the beginning of the day is greater than the human mind can perceive it to be.  So often and through most lives, when the day begins, men, women and children immediately begin to put forth all their efforts on what the day is planned for, or what they are expected to participate in, or even to the point where sometimes they become vulnerable to what others think or cause them to become a part of.

So much can be instructed daily in This Gift of Divine Love, because each human life has a variety of choices, or a variety of conditions that they become involved in, not always suitable to the Importance of their Soul, but oftentimes the Soul is disregarded and many things occur that could be disastrous to some Souls because of the sinfulness, or the lack of purity mentally that an individual becomes involved with.

I say These Words because They are something to be thought about.  The realistic meaning to every moment of human life is obvious, and should never be disregarded in the terms, ‘That’s life.’ No, because human life can make changes that are proper and more to what they know that should be, and that is to take everything into the understanding that the Soul must be protected continuously, and that an individual’s personality must never be acceptable to what is impurely stated, practiced or encouraged.

I could speak hours on this subject, but what I have so far spoken must be seen for the worth It is, the importance It is, and that in It there is much Direction.”

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