ON JUNE 6, 2003 AT 12:43 PM


“There are Many of Us Saints present, too Many to mention, because We will speak intermittently on what We have come to speak about.

Throughout the world, human beings of all ages base all they do, they think, they practice, they speak about, on their own opinions, their own degree of understanding, and also, oftentimes due to their backgrounds in how they were instructed since childhood on.  Even though many may be of a higher age, much is left in their memories, and so consequently, they oftentimes can be remiss in how they associate time now, because of what occurred before this.

You live in a time in which there are so many different ideals, characteristics in humans’ mentality, and also, so many variations of what they feel is beneficial to not just the morals, but the financial areas of life.

I speak differently today, because The Father, in His Divine Love, has given to the world a Blessing beyond what human beings know a blessing to be.  So much acceptance of humanistic understanding is more available to all ages, than rational or Spiritual understanding is spoken about, spoken of.  So much is to be spoken to people of all ages, but so many individuals are reticent to speak what they feel is more moral; moral injustice also, along with just morality in daily life.

As I speak to you now, I count Ten of Us standing Here, All sincerely interested, concerned, regarding what people of all ages fully comprehend regarding That Portion of them that is a Portion of The Creator that they are created with, and will remain with them until the time comes that they no longer live.

I know that What I have spoken may be confusing to some, but all things in human life now tend to have a certain degree of need for explanation, even though speech on many subjects sounds justifiable, or of the utmost importance.

I will not speak long, but I sincerely feel that All that has thus far been delivered through This Gift of Divine Love, should be delivered throughout the world.  Do not worry about the language barrier, because oftentimes a book in another language draws more attention than is understood the possibility of.

As I close These Words, I am fully aware that I have spoken in a degree, a way, a manner, that some will say, ‘I do not understand,’ but I assure you, you will if you take the effort to look at What has been spoken, and see the purpose of It, in It, for It, instead of the usual manner in which you expect things to be delivered.”

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