ON JUNE 11, 2003 AT 1:01 PM


“I smile as this little one through whom We All speak mentions My Name in a loving way.

This Gift of Divine Love that The Father has so willingly given, allowing so Many of Us Saints to speak, drawing attention to the Importance of being a human being, and the Goal for which human life is created.  When Any of Us Saints speak of a Blessing, it is sometimes questioned by those who feel that We would not speak this way, that only The Father would use the word ‘Blessing’ in What He speaks.

When you, as a human being, raise your hand in a blessing, or when you speak in a loving manner, way, calling upon The Saints to bless you or another individual, it is natural and should be accepted as that.  It is an in-depth love for Divine Love to be spread through your words, your manner of action, and many other things you might be interested in.  To call on The Father is an act of respect, along with an Act of Grace that you feel He will bless you with.

So much has been delivered verbally and in script through This Gift of Divine Love, that in no place throughout the world is This being given by another individual.  This area in which you live has been Blessed by The Father, using this area to spread His Divine Love in a Personal Way.  Granted, the Words must travel throughout the world so They will be able to be spread in other areas, alerting men, women and children of This Great Gift of Divine Love.

I will not speak long on this, because What I have just spoken is of great importance.  I beseech you to remember that All that has thus far been delivered is more Precious to the aid of Souls than you can assume It, or presume It to be.

Souls throughout the world know of This Miracle, and know of the Greatness The Father has allowed, alerting human beings of all ages, backgrounds, intellects, to take part in spreading All that He Wills delivered in writing.  Remember this.

I will close My Words now but I will return at another time, because it is important that What I have just spoken be practiced immediately.”

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