ON JUNE 16, 2003 AT 11:53 AM


“There are Many of Us present all the time, wherever this little one is.  We wait for The Father to instruct Us if We are to speak, and also to direct Us to the subject matter He Wills human beings to read about, so they can more fully understand the privilege it is to be born as a human being.”


“Each human being’s Soul is a Portion of Me.  The Soul is My Connecting Link to all an individual is part of, in the human way.

One small voice is used to deliver the most important Messages that human life can receive. The little one has tears, because it is difficult for her to see any injustices, harmful to the Souls or the mentalities of other human beings.  I hold her tears back, because What I have to say is of the utmost importance to the lives of millions of men, women and children of all ages.

Human life must be seen for what I created it to be:  an entity of My Divine Love, bearing a Portion of Me.  I know My next Description might be difficult for some to understand, but I will speak it because I feel it will be more applicable regarding this subject I have just spoken about.

Man says, ‘Blood is thicker than water.’ Why?  Because human life understands the difference in the content, the meaning, and also the usefulness of each one.  It is how I planned things to be, putting all things in a natural state of understanding My Divine Love for human beings.

The little one that I use suffers more inwardly, in and on All that is delivered because of the importance of the Words, because innately she feels, senses the reality that many human beings will not read the Words in Their full measure of how I mean Them, and that is to enlighten their mentalities, and to give them strength morally, and to remind them that I Am The Controller of All Things.

Though it is difficult for most individuals to truly understand My Existence, it does not change the Truth of Who I Am, What I Am.  I have delivered so much Personal Information through This Gift of My Divine Love.

The little one I use is ‘a Victim Soul’, but not seen that way because so much jealousy surrounds her, even in faraway places.  She says to Me, ‘I fear I will make a mistake, My Father; I do not want this to occur.’ My response to her is: ‘Do not worry, I would not allow this to happen, because This Gift of Mine to human life is a Gift of My Divine Love.  It is a cup filled with All I Will human life to taste the beauty of, the worthwhileness of, because human life without This Gift, many would not know the Closeness I Am to all of human life throughout the world, in more ways than can be perceived by the human mind to be.’

As I close My Words with you today, or I should say at this time, I am always available to hear you speak to Me.  Remember, I am not of the ordinary way; I Am Divine.”

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