ON JUNE 17, 2003 AT 12:36 PM


“I am Moses.  I smile when I say My next Words:  I have heard many men, women and children question the fact that I am not called ‘Saint Moses’.  I smile at this because of the interest in the word ‘Saint’, and the innate understanding that it bears Importance in it.

There is so much to be spoken about, regarding The Rules The Father allowed to be put into script for all ages of human life, all backgrounds, because of the importance of what These Rules mean to the life of every living human being.

The Commandments were given to assist, to direct, and also to encourage human beings of all ages to realize that there had to be Words in, of, and for directing the mentality of human life, so that Guidelines were given as a Gift of Divine Love, as The Father directed Them to be.

Today as I speak These Words, I speak Them with much concern, but much thanksgiving, because They were allowed to be given as the Foundation for human beings to live by, because of the Importance of human life and the Goal that it was created to reach.

The world has been Blessed through This Miracle of Divine Love, in Which and through Which so Many Saints Here in the Heavens have been given the privilege to speak openly, directly, clearly, on the importance of how human beings of all ages should understand that when they sin, it is against The Father’s Rules, The Father’s Love for man.

Needless to say, I could speak hours, but at this time as I close These Words, I want you to remember:  Human life is a Gift of Divine Plan and was Blessed by The Rules to live by, not just cast out into the world with nothing to guide them, help them live a life that was based on returning to The Creator a Portion of Him, to one day return to Him, a Saint.”

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