ON JULY 1, 2003 AT 12:55 PM


One is Saint Athanasius.  One is Saint Thomas Aquinas, and One is Saint Rose of Lima.

“It is with great happiness that The Father gives Us the privilege to speak through This Gift of His Divine Love that He designed to help millions of Souls be returned to Him, Saints.

It is sad when We hear human beings of all backgrounds, all degrees of spirituality, some with no Gift of spirituality, make reference to ‘what life is all about’, many times ignoring that the Soul of human life is a Portion of The Creator, a Gift Greater than the human mentality can understand It to be.

When a human being buys a diamond, they oftentimes want it to shine.  They want it to be obvious to them and to others, thus making it feel important, and it gives to their life something of value, something they enjoy looking at because the diamond reflects back to them, thus showing its importance in a special way, manner, degree, and yet the diamond is only a piece of the earth.

If human beings would look in a mirror and ask themselves what they see in how they look, and how they would respond if they were someone else looking at the same view that they were, would each individual see a light of happiness, joy, contentment, or would egotism, vanity, self-love be what would be seen the most?

In the Creation of human life, and The Father instilled a mentality, He did this so that human beings would be more able to understand the value of things, the greatness of many things, and also, that in seeing something interesting or that would bring happiness, would give to them gratitude for the ability of sight, the gratitude, of course, going to The Father, but oftentimes that is not the case.  They forget it is He Who created the Gift of sight so that an individual would see everything possible to be seen, giving to human life so many advantages, so many interests, and allowing the mentality to be honored by the goals that the sight can reveal for a human mind.

I could speak books on this subject, but I will close now, only because there will be more on this at a later time, but hopefully, What has been spoken will be remembered and also be a reminder of the Generosity of The Giver of Life, The Father of All, Who in reality is Divine, thus showing, alerting and encouraging all who see the beauties in human life, know that they had to come from a Higher Source of Living Matter.

As I close My Words, I say to you today, those who read the Words, never forget to say to God:

‘Thank You, God, for giving me the privilege of human life, because through it, I can become a Saint and be with You for All Eternity.’”

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