ON AUGUST 11, 2003 AT 12:33 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

The little one I use is being prepared in several areas, due to the fact that there is so much more I Will to be released for the benefit of many, many, many Souls Who at this moment are at great risk, because of what is occurring in the ones in whom They were placed at another time.

It is easy for human beings to discuss morality, immorality, fatigue and rest, happiness and sorrow, but these things are most oftentimes based on their own opinions in how they feel physically, mentally, emotionally, oftentimes ignoring their Spiritual necessities, to be able to cope with mental and moral changes in their attitude or their physical strengths.

Within the last short period of time, the little one I use has been instructed on several issues.  She does not question the issues, but she does question how They will be received by the mentalities who read Them and should change their manner of doing things.

In This Gift that gives so much understanding to millions of human beings who read the Words, it is sad for Me to say, ‘They are read, They are understood, but many find it difficult to adhere to what would be practical, logical, and more beneficial to the Soul that they are the custodian of.’

I will close My Words because the subject matter is far lengthier than what I have just spoken. ‘This is,’ I would say, ‘the first step to awakening the mentalities of those who will see the reality in what the Words mean.’

Every Saint Here in the Heavens speaks through This Miracle.  Every Saint, in some form, some way, will speak casually, not announcing Themselves, but injecting in a natural format of Communication through one small voice.  Oftentimes when We see this, We see that the receiver still clings to their own interpretation of what is meant.

Granted, All Saints could say Their Name and speak, but all who take the Words would not be able to accept that, because It is such an Unusual Gift of Divine Love, but I assure you, All that passes through one small voice is a Gift of Divine Love, because of the Importance of the Soul that every human being is the custodian of, but also to help the human side on many issues that otherwise would be dismissed, or practiced differently than they should.

I will close My Words, but before I do, I say, ‘Though you cannot see It and though you cannot feel It, you are surrounded with the Love of The Divine in ways, degrees, that give you the strength to believe first of all, and then the strength to carry on until the next Words are passed to you through one small voice.’”

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