ON AUGUST 15, 2003 AT 12:47 PM


“I am Saint Angela Merici.  I am speaking today because I do have memories of the little one through whom We All speak.  Her sensitivity, her concern, and her innate love was evident in everything she spoke, suggested or repeated.

The world has been Blessed by The Father’s Love and The Father’s Will.  To give to mankind All The Father has given, is a Gift beyond what the human mentality can perceive It to be.  As the birth of a child is a Gift, Instructions helping many to learn about The Divine is a Gift beyond what the human mentality can perceive It to be.

When two people or more exchange gifts, either celebrating a situation or a day, it is always a joy because the sharing makes it a joy, the interest makes it a joy, and the human love makes it a joy.

When a child is born, it is evident that The Father, in allowing this to occur, has a Happiness within Him, because through the birth of a child, there is an immediate Portion of The Father instilled in the conception.  Not all human beings are aware of this, because they cannot see It, they cannot feel It, but I assure you, It is there.

I would like to say a few Words at this time on the importance of what kindness does when two human beings or more partake in a situation or conditions that give hope, assurance, and a unification of belief in what is to occur.  I mention this because This Gift The Father has given to the world is beyond human understanding, but those who use their talents, their time, and their willingness to share, in perhaps what could be called ‘burdensome’ in some areas, The Father blesses abundantly, but it does not show yet.

As I close These Words today, I do it with much thanksgiving for so much sharing and caring, concern, and also, the comradeship that gives hope in more ways than it is understood to give.

Through This Gift of Divine Love, so much has been addressed for those who read the Words, to see in the Words a Greater Goal for life, and definitely happiness.

As I close These Words, I cannot help but say: ‘In Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti.  Amen.’”

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