ON AUGUST 18, 2003 AT 11:48 AM


“This little one that I use in so many ways, bears the brunt that others are not asked to be committed to, basically, because they would not understand the Importance of submission to Divine Will and Plan.

A sacrifice the human way, and mental understanding, are the two things necessary to submit and commit to a close Association in regards to being able to gain the physical strength, the moral strength, and the mental capacity to allow What she endures to be instilled, in a degree and way necessary for the human body to be able to reveal what ordinarily would not be a human trait.  Her silence and her quiet manner is oftentimes misunderstood, but it has many reasons because of the physical and mental use of it, due to the fact that ordinary circumstances could and would not allow.

A Gift of such Great Measure has been delivered to strengthen the mentality, the wills, and the moral and Spiritual nature of thousands and thousands and thousands who use The Miracle to grow spiritually more in tune with The Divine.

Needless to say, I have only spoken briefly at this time, because what I would be able to speak about would take books for many individuals to fully understand what a close Association human life is to The Divine, and that the Goal for human life is Far Greater than It is perceived to be.

This, of course, is a sadness, because very little thought is ever spent on That Portion of human life called ‘the Soul’, just because It cannot be seen, but I must add to this:  One’s conscience, one’s degree of logic says, ‘There is more to human life than is obvious, so I must try to see it in the degree The Father Wills it, because of its Importance to my Future Life with Him.’”

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